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There are a number of reasons that you should smoke pot and we are going to discover what those reasons are. No matter where you see yourself on this matter, and whether you are a consumer or user, it is evident that weed has a lot of benefits, even though so many people still do not accept this fact. Some people see the marijuana plant as something negative. Thank heavens that many people are now embracing the fact that it has a wide range of benefits and is a miracle plant. This is especially true for those with chronic illnesses that have been aided by this same marijuana plant in medical form. Below are some reasons why people smoke pot, at least most of them.

Getting Rid of Headaches

Many individuals are plagued with migraine headaches and when this happens, it can spoil their entire day. The best method of treating a headache is not taking over the counter pills, but smoke pot. Believe it or not, smoking pot will stop your headache. This has been tested and proven by many researchers. Yes, puffing the green will help to reduce symptoms of your headache.

Management of Body Weight

Are you looking to manage your body weight because you are struggling with obesity or overweight? According to recreational users of marijuana or those who smoke pot, this is the ideal solution. Some people might disagree since it is known that smoking weed gives you the munchies at night, especially. However, if you use marijuana on a regular basis and not necessarily at night or on occasion, it has been proven that it lowers body mass index or BMI. In a study that was recently done, it was found that women who indulged in smoking pot were able to reduce their BMIs to 3.1 percent than women who did not indulge.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Smoke pot and reduce your blood pressure, if you suffer from hypertension. Your blood vessels open up when you smoke marijuana. As soon as that takes place, the blood begins pumping more freely throughout your body. This results in a lowering of your blood pressure and that in itself has a lot more benefits to your health in the end. It prevents you from having to deal with heart issues and subsequently lowers the risk of strokes. It will boost the health of your kidney and improves your vision.

Better Listening Power

You might laugh at this, but when you smoke pot and listen to music, it improves your listening power. You will tend to focus on the music more, whether you are at home or at a live concert. Your listening experience is not only elevated, but inspired. It could be that marijuana will heighten your perception and give you a different mindset, putting you in a good mood. It is very intense and uplifting.

Better Smelling Power

An experiment was done by several scientists in 2014 with marijuana and mice and they found that the smell of the weed (inhalation) stimulated the sense of smell of these animals. Smell is considered a powerful and strong sensation. With it, you get to enjoy the taste of food. And that is why the food you eat while you are high will tend to taste better than before. When you smoke pot, you are elevating or heightening your sense of smell and the experience that comes with it.

Improved Creativity

When you smoke pot, you improve your inner creativity. In many instances, you will find artists and people who are involved in creative work while indulging in pot smoking. The weed relaxes them and puts them in an inhibited state of mind, providing them with a higher thinking power. There are numerous cannabinoids in the marijuana plant that interacts with the brain and stimulates it. If you want to prove this, why not smoke pot and find out how creative you become. Just a test!

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