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For the medical cannabis patients in Denmark, there should be elation and joy about finally being able to have an alternative means of getting well as this is the latest country making medical marijuana legal.

They now have some of the top marijuana trial programs to offer patients. However, there is a small catch. Their marijuana trial programs are for specific medical conditions. But, this new development could attract the attention of other European countries to start their own marijuana trial programs too. Let's now take a better look to get an idea of how people view marijuana in Denmark.

The Living Standard

Even though Denmark is small, it is a wealthy country central to Scandinavia. You will find Denmark at the top of a wide range of lists of countries that are safe and healthy around the world. The living standard in Denmark is high and the politics is comparatively stable. The country also maintains a high level of political freedom and civil rights in comparison to other small countries. The year 2018 is when the country has embraced the freedom of marijuana.

Legalizing Weed

Since the beginning of the year onward, patients in Denmark can expect that medical marijuana will be made available. A vote was made in parliament in December 2017 to approve a marijuana trial program. This program would last for four years. Patients would receive access to medical marijuana in a restricted environment. This trend of legalizing weed has swept across Europe. Countries like Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands are among the few that have already embraced the concept of introducing the legality of weed through a marijuana trial program. In addition to medical marijuana and the ongoing trial program, the country is also considering recreational marijuana, but with a careful approach. Let us now look briefly at the marijuana laws in Denmark.

The Marijuana Laws

In Denmark, the marijuana laws dictate that it is illegal to sell, purchase, cultivate and consume weed. If you happen to be caught by law enforcement with 9.9 grams of weed, then you would have to pay a fine in the amount of up to $2000 Danish currency. If you are in possession of more than 9.9 grams of weed, it is possible that you would face jail time. Danish residents still continue to use marijuana, even with those harsh laws. Most residents advocate the idea of legalizing weed for sale. Many of these residents will tend to be in agreement with the marijuana trail program. Let's take a look at some of those programs.

Freetown Christiana

In the center of the city of Copenhagen, you should expect to see Freetown Christiana, with an 84 acre military land that has been abandoned. In the 1970s, this land was claimed by people known as squatters. Within Freetown Christiana, hardly anything is considered unlawful, unless there is harmony or agreement among the residents. Of course, violence and hard drugs are prohibied. In this area of hte country, you would find the marijuana trial program.

The Partnerships and Progress

Denmark's company, Alfred Pedersen and Sons and the city of Odense has formed a partnership to produce 120,000 kg of marijuana each year. Some of this weed is used in the marijuana trial program. Specific medications like Nabilone and Marinol, which contains synthetic cannabinoids have been approved as pharmaceutical drugs and used in the marijuana trial program. Doctors in Denmark can now prescribe specific medicine that has been proven to work for patients in these programs. There are some doctors who are hesitant in participating in the marijuana trial program, hoping that by 2022, the country will have enough applications for the program.

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