Top Marijuana Facts in Relation To Pregnancy

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Cannabis and pregnancy do not normally go hand in hand. In fact, this is one of the marijuana facts that have been debatable and controversial.

There is not much conclusive proof that if a pregnant woman consumes weed, she is going to harm her unborn child seriously, there are pregnant mothers who have made the choice to use weed for pregnant symptom relief and these women face very unsympathetic legal consequences as a result.

Some of these consequences will usually including having the unborn child taken away from the mother or facing time in jail.

One of the marijuana facts to take notice of is that these pregnant women also have experience with social judgment – to the extreme and this might cause them to remain quiet about their habits of consuming weed while pregnant. Here are some of the top marijuana facts in relation to pregnancy.

The Mother and Child

As it relates to raising a child, mothers should stay as safe as possible rather than be sorry about their actions. However, it is significant that pregnant mothers and others not conclude that there is a wrong or right.

This is especially true when the unborn baby and the mother could suffer unnecessarily because of harsh policies and incomplete details.

Even in modern times when cannabis is more accepted by society, people might still think that by consuming a substance that is mind altering is a terrible decision for a parent to make.

However, how bad is that decision for a pregnant mother when the mind altering substance is cannabis? And why then are so many females choosing to consume marijuana in one form or the other, even while pregnant?

Well, cannabis and women have a complicated and long history together and so we have put together several marijuana facts to give you some of that history.

The Female Relief

From calming pain felt by teething kids to easing pain during a menstrual period, the marijuana plant has been an aid to so many women.

Weed has been a popular choice for women from so many ancient cultures that know the benefit of the cannabis plant for relief from their many reproductive and menstrual issues.

In ancient Persia, it has been documented that the juice from the marijuana seeds was successfully used to prevent women's miscarriages, reduce pain, maintain a good pregnancy and give relief to their migraine.

Marijuana Preparations

In times past, females have been consuming marijuana to help them get through their labor pains. However, in modern times, women have resorted to epidurals to ease their pain. This is an injection given to a pregnant woman while in labor so she does not feel the sensation of pain in the lower half of her body. But epidural injections are not entirely safe.

It can produce back pain in the woman after the baby is born. Before this new intervention in medicine, females are given a cannabis preparation to help her with the labor pains and this did not occur only in one region, but several such as the Middle East, Egypt, Southeast Asia and South African countries.

Induction of Abortions

Other marijuana facts have to do with the induction of abortions where cannabis was combined with other medicines. But, this did not happen very often and in some cases, it proved to be helpful once the woman indicated that she wanted to have an abortion of the fetus.

And more importantly, the cannabis was not used by itself for that purpose and it was only done in certain cultures.

Final Summary

It is essential to note that all human beings have an endocannaboinoid system in the body that facilitates reproduction and that is why the use of cannabis during pregnancy is such a contentious topic.

It was not until the 1990s that this was discovered and so women were using compounds that mimic the THC content in marijuana. This concludes the top marijuana facts in relation to pregnancy.


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