Reasons To Avoid Synthetic Marijuana

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Synthetic marijuana is legal in many places; at least technically. However, there are some serious reasons to avoid synthetic marijuana. In the most recent century, marijuana prohibition was thought to be a nuisance, which it is. This is why many advocates work so hard to get legal status for weed. This was done in the hopes of securing safe and clean access to weed for those who are avid users. This process, however, does not take place overnight.

There are more people coming to terms that weed is not of the devil and that society is accepting its legality in many places. In many instances, though, people are relying on synthetic marijuana if they cannot afford natural weed. Alternatives might not be the safest thing for you. 

The Alternative

Yes, synthetic marijuana is now an alternative and many of the names include Bliss, K-2, Blaze, Spice and Yucatan Fire; just to name a few. The chemical composition might not necessarily be safe for you and some people might find that it gives them an unnatural high. After smoking synthetic marijuana, you might find yourself sleeping for hours. And even when you get eight hours sleep, you still have feelings of fatigue. This is not normal. Synthetic marijuana is not in any way similar to the real cannabis. It is superficial and not authentic. In fact, it can be very dangerous. Most of the people that do resort to synthetic marijuana are the ones that want to feel the effect of weed while still obeying the law. 

The Production

Now, how does one make synthetic marijuana? That is a good question. It is made by changing around different chemicals and this is usually done in a laboratory. When the product is produced and eventually becomes illegal, producers just change around the chemical composition again. And, they keep doing this for as long as the previous one becomes illegal again. Each time the producer creates a new and unknown substance. And if you don’t already know, these synthetic marijuana products have resulted in several deaths and in some cases, comas. In addition, they can cause kidney and brain damage over time. 

The Danger

The real danger is that we don't know much about each of these new synthetics since the chemical compositions constantly change and goes through rapid changes. The long term effects are what also make sit dangerous. It is not regulated as legal marijuana is and it can cause alarmingly dangerous results, if there is an overdose. Synthetic marijuana is not meant to be legal, but it takes advantage of the loopholes that exist on the legal platform. 

The Differences

Marijuana is natural and comes from a natural plant. Moreover, marijuana has gone through some research and for the most part, we know its effect. We are also aware that you cannot overdose on natural marijuana. However, that is not the case with synthetic marijuana. It is also misleading to label synthetic marijuana as being legal because it draws people in. And, it makes it appear as if it is safe to consume synthetic marijuana. However, this is absolutely not true. If it is thought to be legal and still not regulated, it will be readily available for purchase, even for kids. 

Final Summary

The body doesn't properly handle or deactivate synthetic marijuana (or any other synthetics for that matter). When you consume natural cannabis, the body knows how to process and metabolize it. However, when your body metabolizes synthetic marijuana, it retains its level of potency in the body and that is why the body goes through periods of fatigue after using it. Before you choose to use synthetic marijuana, think about your health.

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