Cannabis High: Top Reasons Music Sounds Nicer

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Most experts will tell you that people who smoke weed or go on their cannabis high love to listen to music. So, it is safe to say that music and weed are closely associated. Even many of the artists indulge heavily. In many cases, that is where they get most of their inspiration, especially during their cannabis high. Have you ever wondered why music sounds nicer during your cannabis high?

As long as human beings walked the earth, music has been quite instrumental to our existence.

In fact, in ancient times, human beings sang or banged rocks and used animal bones to make music. In some cases, they used plants and fungi to heighten their awareness for music. That is how many found out the enjoyment of music. Cannabis high has been related to the creation of many genres of music including hip hop, R&B and reggae; among others.

And that is why musical artists like Snoop Dogg and Brian Wilson became so popular and so relevant. There are cases where you can tell that a certain musician experienced cannabis high because of the sound of the music. Let's explore the Cannabis High & Top Reasons Music Sounds Nicer.

The Listener

One of the major impacts of cannabis high is the manipulation of discernment and sensitivity. THC is the active ingredient that has impact on the brain and its pleasure center. People on their cannabis high will usually experience a feeling of feeling connected with their surroundings. They may also have a sense of enhanced brain stimulation.

This subsequently places them in a place where they experience more enjoyment out of the moment. Music and cannabis provide the listener and user with a different emotional response when done separately. When you combine both of these, the person’s short term memory is disrupted and in the moment, the music beings to unfold. The user is living in the moment by then and appreciates the sound of the music.

The Effect

Music is known for its ability to reduce stress and give the cannabis user a calming effect. In so doing, it can counteract any side effects that you may encounter while smoking weed. This is rare though. Some people think that music can only be heard and not felt. However, this is not true when you are on your cannabis high. You can hear and feel the music.

Some musical experts describe it as having more depth and texture. For this reason, the listener feels as if they had a profound and amazing experience. So many people who have experience their cannabis high will relate to this. They would also relate to the feelings of fixation on something specific. They will also experience a connection with their surroundings.

Other Drugs

In addition to cannabis, there are other drugs that have the user feeling the same way about music. In fact, over the most recent years, MDMA or ecstasy has infused itself into the music culture. This takes place at music festivals and in night clubs across the globe.

The levels of dopamine and serotonin are affected by the consumption of MDMA. The emotions and memory of the user is also affected. The user of cannabis and MDMA will have feelings of happiness, confidence and love; among other positive emotions.

And some people use cannabis and MDMA before going to a night club for this simple reason. It allows them to be in a specific mood while listening to their favorite music.

Final Summary

While there is no guarantee that your cannabis high will allow you to have the best time of your life, it should be factored in. And it also depends on the particular dosage that the user had. The dosage has a lot to do with how the music will sound nicer on your cannabis high. Cannabis High: Top Reasons Music Sounds Nicer.

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