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Neurohacker Review

The Neurohacker Collective was created in 2015 to develop world-class well-being products using novel research and development approach focused on complex systems science.

Three highly effective entrepreneurs, Jordan Hall, James Schmachtenberger, and Daniel Schmachtenberger, founded Neurohacker to improve human quality of life by creating best-in-class well-being products.

In this Neurohacker review we touch on why this company was formed and review their highly sought after products.

About Neurohacker

The Carlsbad-based Neurohacker Collective is known for its high-end brain supplement Qualia Mind. Since they use a novel research and development approach focused on complex systems science, Neurohacker Collective's products are fundamentally different. Supporting the body's capacity to self-regulate is the aim of this scientific approach.

The Neurohacker Review and Coupon

Neurohacker produces various products ranging from Cognition, longevity, immunity to energy, sleep, and bundles.

Find out what your Neurohacker options are.

Qualia Minds

Neurohacker Review qualia mind
Qualia Mind

One of the most innovative and detailed mental performance products available is Qualia Mind. Its fast-acting formula is engineered to help long-term brain health while fueling Cognition.

Qualia Mind was created to assist you in focusing more, reducing procrastination, and increasing energy levels. Benefits can be felt in as little as 40 minutes for most people, providing relaxed, energized focus throughout the day.

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free is a high-quality supplement that supports mental function and brain wellbeing in people with caffeine sensitivity. Gluten-free, non-GMO, and derived from high-purity, bioavailable sources of each ingredient.

It has been designed to amplify willpower, upgrade your energy, heighten your creativity, ignite your focus and concentration, promote mental clarity, boost brain nutrition and lessen your procrastination.

Qualia Mind Essentials

Qualia Mind Essentials goes a step further by addressing long-term cognitive health benefits, which are particularly significant if you want to maintain your memory and brain health as you age.

It supports the formation of neurons and synapses, promotes neurogenesis and neuroplasticity and boosts vitality and helps the body's metabolism.

Qualia Life

neurochacker review qualia life

Qualia Life is a multi-beneficial supplement that promotes healthy ageing. With a blend of 36 ingredients, Qualia life synergistically helps your cell's ability to produce more energy.

More cell energy means more sleep, more efficiency, better workouts, greater stress tolerance, and an overall system upgrade.

Qualia life ingredients are 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. It can be taken while fasting and with any qualia product.

Qualia Immune

Qualia Immune uses unique, premium, and powerful ingredients to train the immune system's intelligence to respond better to challenges. You will be more robust and balanced if your immune system is more intelligent.

Quali immune contains Polyphenols, mushrooms, superfood extracts, beta-glucans, probiotics, herbal immune tonics, algae extracts, trace minerals, vitamin D, and immune cell antioxidants designed to optimize your immunity.

Qualia Nootropic Energy

neurochacker review qualia energy

Qualia Nootropic Energy is a nootropic energy supplement. One-shot contains 12 different nutrients to help you feel more energized and improve your brain health.

Take it daily or only when you need to be at your best.

Qualia Night

Qualia Night is a comprehensive approach that promotes deep sleep, improved memory, improved immunity, and improved long-term sleep efficiency.

It is unique in that it improves sleep quality, allowing the body to heal, recover, and regenerate more effectively night after night. The ingredients used in Qualia night include Holy Basil, Saffron, grapevine extract, Reishi mushroom and KSM Ashwagandha.

With Qualia Night, you'll wake up feeling energized and revitalized.

Qualia Performance Bundle

neurochacker review bundle

The Qualia Performance Bundle was created to improve your day-to-day and night-to-day performance. Start your day with Qualia Life and Qualia Mind, which will energize your cells and feed your brain, allowing you to work at your best.

Take Qualia Night around dinner time to start a relaxing evening and get a better night's sleep so you can wake up refreshed. All three formulas are scientifically constructed to work together.

Ultimate Qualia Bundle

The Ultimate Qualia kit is the most luxurious set of supplements for a total body transformation. This set provides powerful support for cognitive, immune, and cellular functions, which is particularly essential for people who want to maintain their health as they age. With science-based, healthy ingredients of the highest purity, all three formulations are designed to complement each other.

Qualia Discovery Bundle

Last product in our Neurohacker review is The Qualia Discovery Bundle. It is an all-in-one set designed for athletes and high-performers who need extra energy and recovery to keep up with the demands they place on their bodies.

With science-based, healthy ingredients of the highest purity, all three formulations are meant to complement one another.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Select the Neurohacker Qualia Products

Here are three top reasons why you should not miss out on the Neurohacker Qualia products

Top Scientists in the Formulation of Products

Product ideation, formulation, and research at Neurohacker are aided by top scientists in complex-systems modelling, neurobiology, organic chemistry, and PhD and MD advisors.

Pure and Potent Products

Neurohacker boasts of utilizing potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of ingredients that are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Meaningful Doses

More importantly, every product produced by Neurohacker contains appropriate dosages of each ingredient for its intended usage while also considering the synergies between similar ingredients.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with Qualia for any reason, you can simply contact Neurohacker by phone or email and request a refund. Here are more details on their 100-day money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy Neurohacker Products

Neurohacker products are available on their online shop accessible through their website. The Neurohacker website also provides a wealth of information about the products and great product reviews from doctors. Learn more.

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Final Thoughts

The Neurohacker Collective is known for its cutting-edge science podcast, its burgeoning biohacking culture, and one of the most creative supplement companies using complex systems science. The Neurohacker Collective team consists of industry leaders dedicated to ensuring that their ground-breaking formulations help people perform at their best.


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