How To Use CBD For Dog Pain And Anxiety
CBD for dog pain and anxiety with dog treats on pot leaf

CBD For Dog Pain And Anxiety

Your pets are a part of your family. They are great stress-relievers. In turn, you need to provide them with good nutritious food, love, and affection for their physical and mental development. 

But, your furry babies can suffer from illness, making them irritable. A link exists between pain and anxiety. A dog suffering from anxiety can also suffer from chronic pain and vice-versa. It is a vicious cycle with no apparent reason.

You need to take action immediately when you see the symptoms of anxiety or pain in your dogs to avoid complications. Making them comfortable by providing the best treatment improves their quality of life.

The use of CBD products to treat such issues is gaining popularity. It is a useful option to help your pet manage the symptoms.

The Underlying Reasons Triggering Pain And Anxiety In Dogs

Some dogs are more vulnerable to the issues compared to others. Some of the common types and the reasons for developing stress and pain are:

Fear-Related Anxiety

Loud noises, new places, or strangers can make your pet suffer from fear-related anxiety. The common problems or conditions causing the problems are-

  • Thunderstorms
  • Strangers
  • Fireworks

Your dog may have brief reactions to the specified stimuli. But, anxiety-prone dogs can react to such stimuli frequently.

Separation Anxiety

It is the type of anxiety affecting 14% of the dogs. Dogs suffering from the issue can never find comfort when you leave them alone or they stay away from family members. Due to the anxiousness, your dogs can exhibit undesirable behaviours like-

  • Urinating inside the house
  • Destroying furnishings/furniture

CBD products interact with the endocannabinoid system and boost the serotonin levels in the brain. So, it calms your dog and helps them cope with separation.

Age-Related Anxiety

As the name suggests, it affects older dogs. The condition is linked to CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome). Due to CDS, your pet has trouble with memory, perception, learning, and awareness.

Symptoms Indicating Anxiety In Dogs

When you see the following symptoms in your dog, you can detect your pet has anxiety-related issues and needs intervention-

  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Whimpering

To ease such symptoms and offer comfort, you can provide CBD. It works effectively on your pets to provide them with the much-needed relief.

Top 10 Reasons To Give Your Pet CBD Oil

Top 10 Reasons to Give Your Pet CBD 1

  1. Helps with epilepsy
  2. Helps sooth aching joints
  3. Assists in fighting arthritis
  4. Stimulates appetite
  5. Safe & effective
  6. Reduce anxiety
  7. Fight cancer
  8. Relieve pain
  9. Reduce inflammation
  10. Helps nervous system

CBD for Dog Pain and Anxiety

CBD or cannabidiol is the natural compound you can find in cannabis. The hemp-derived CBD oil does not have THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which refers to the compound giving marijuana psychoactive properties.

CBD does not contain psychoactive THC, which makes a person or animal high. When you provide CBD to your pets, it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors located in their central and peripheral nervous system. So, it eases pain & anxiety.

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