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Cannabis Training University Reviews (UPDATED 2021)


We took a look at Cannabis Training University, the leading online cannabis college, and three of our staff spent some time putting together some Cannabis Training University reviews.

Cannabis Training University, or CTU, is the leading online cannabis college and has been since way back in 2009. That's 11 years of quality cannabis education CTU has been putting together!

Cannabis Training University is legit! The more we look at Cannabis Training University, the more evident it is that no other online marijuana school comes close to the value and industry recognition as CTU does.


I enrolled at Cannabis Training University back in January, 2018. I was very impressed with the vast amount of cannabis education that came with the one-time low price. The CTU master of marijuana program is enormous, with over 200 cannabis videos, more than 5500 pages of cannabis ebooks, online quizzes, and a 5 part master certification exam.

The first cannabis class I took at CTU was about how to grow marijuana, both indoors and out. I was amazed at the incredibly useful information that the program included for all levels of cannabis growers, from an absolute beginner to a seasoned veteran. The video instruction was phenomenal, better than any how to grow cannabis information I have seen on sites like Youtube or Leafly.

I learned a lot about organic cannabis cultivation that I had not heard before. I then moved on to my personal favorite topics, cannabis extractions and cooking with cannabis. Both courses had a ton of great video instruction, as well as numerous cannabis ebooks. I felt afterwards like I was ready to try a few new methods of making cannabis butters and cannabis edibles. I also learned a great deal about cannabis extractions in labs in the state of Colorado. Next I took a look at the CTU budtending certification course.

Having taken other budtending certification classes I was looking to compare CTU to the rest out there. CTU's budtending course was much more thorough than other cannabis schools' offer. The budtender course gave all the information anyone looking to be a budtender in a dispensary should know. I was impressed with some of the interviews with current budtenders who gave some insider tips and secrets on what a good budtender should know.

Next I took the course on medical marijuana. It included interviews with cannabis physicians, cannabis patients, cannabis activists, cannabis scientists, and more. I then took the course on how to open a dispensary. Cannabis Training University is the best cannabis college for cannabis training that I have seen and I look forward to attend again next year.


I enrolled at the CTU online master certification program and was extremely impressed with the quality of cannabis videos and amazing number of marijuana ebooks included with the low priced, affordable cannabis college.

Cannabis Training University is legit and I recommend the online cannabis college for anyone looking to enter a 420 career learn how to grow weed, or just a marijuana job. Cannabis Training University coupons are not needed because they are the most affordable marijuana school online.


Like my colleagues, I found the Cannabis Training University online cannabis college program to be the most informative and best cannabis college to date. The level and amount of information is unmatched and the time and effort put into development is evident.

I most enjoyed the sections on how to grow cannabis indoors and how to grow cannabis outdoors. I also found the cannabis job board to be well put together and the fact that CTU actually shoots their own cannabis videos, unlike their competitors who instead use cheap and boring powerpoint instruction.

Cannabis Training University is hands down the leader in the world of marijuana education and looks to be poised to continue this for many years ahead.

I was thoroughly impressed with the huge amount of education the CTU programs provide, and the fact that CTU is well known within the cannabis industry by employers. I found the year of access to the materials to be plenty of time to review as needed and go back when issues or questions came up with my home cannabis cultivation or cannabis cooking.

The medical cannabis course at CTU was very informative and included video learning with leading cannabis doctors and scientists. The cannabis cultivation courses on how to grow weed included free bonus ebooks from the Guru of Ganja himself, Ed Rosenthal. The addition of Ed's ebooks was icing on the cake for an already best cannabis training program.

Cannabis Training University Testimonials

Here are some Cannabis Training University reviews and testimonials we found online.

“Cannabis Training U is the #1 rated cannabis college for good reason. Highly recommended marijuana school. I learned how to grow weed like a pro and it helped me land a marijuana industry job as a budtender. Thank you CTU! Excellent marijuana school!”

Mike Wilson, Detroit Michigan

“My friend and I both enrolled at CTU for some help starting a marijuana business. I was impressed with the education that CTU provides. I loved all the marijuana laws and regulations that were just recently updated and are on a regular basis. I have been growing weed for many years but learned some new techniques that have helped me grow better.”

Doreen Jones, Providence, Rhode Island

“Excellent online cannabis college. Best marijuana school. I have taken other cannabis college programs and this is by far the #1 cannabis college by far. So much more information and better instructors. I recommend Cannabis Training U to anyone looking to start a career in the booming cannabis industry.”

Miguel Sanchez, Austin, Texas

“Thank you CTU for all the awesome courses! Loved the medical marijuana and how to open a dispensary courses. Lots of ebooks and videos. Took me a while to get through it all but very well done. For the money no other school compares. Lots of cool stuff on how to grow pot and cooking with weed. I liked the extraction videos too. Looking forward to more.”

Herman Young, Denver, Colorado 

“I enrolled at Cannabis Training University to mainly learn all the cannabis laws in my area. I was impressed with all the updated laws and cannabis business information. It works well on mobile which is great and convenient. A+ effort to CTU.”

Jennifer Herndon, Seattle, Washington 

CTU is great! Much love to CTU! Ordered some t shirts and sweatshirts to promote it! Highly recommended weed school!

Wilson Kinterson, New York, New York

“If you want to learn all aspects of the $50 billion marijuana industry I would start with training from CTU. They have been doing this since 2009 and are by far the leading cannabis college. I recommend CTU if you want to get a marijuana job or start a weed business like a CBD business or a dispensary. Or if you want to be a trimmer or a budtender.”

Eric Spencer, Tampa, Florida 

“I’m a returning CTU student. I took the master course way back in 2011. And I loved all the new material you recently added. I will be a Cannabis Training U student for life! Very pleased and will be coming back for more.”

Kevin Denton, Boston, Massachusetts

“If you want to learn how to grow pot and how to get a job in the marijuana industry make sure you sign up at Cannabis Training U. The extraction course was cool. I recommend CTU for your online cannabis training needs.”

John Gibson, Brandon, Florida

“Best cannabis university out there. Excellent online marijuana training courses. The CTU Budtender certifications are great. The how to grow cannabis section is enormous and better than anything found on YouTube or anywhere else online. The medical marijuana course is very informative. I learned a great deal about strains I did not know, as well as cannabinoids and terpenes.”

Austin Ferman, Toronto, Canada

Is Cannabis Training University Legitimate?

Absolutely! We have attended pretty much every cannabis college, both online, and in person, and Cannabis Training University is hands down the #1 rated cannabis college and nobody is even close!

We enrolled at other marijuana schools and found the following:

Other Cannabis College Reviews:

THC University reviews

The content at THC University was outdated, the cannabis laws were non existent from 2014, very few updates have been made in years. Lack of information, low cost production, does not work well on mobile. Extremely low quality. Not worth saving a few bucks for. Not recommended at all.

Cannabis Training Institute Reviews

Cannabis Training Institute is for businesses, not consumers. It is all slide based learning. Low budget production. Lack of content. For medical professionals mainly. Outdated.

Hempstaff Reviews

Hempstaff was a prerecorded webinar, only 4 hours of time, for $229. That's over $50 per class hour! No updates, no cannabis videos. Not recommended. Very little information given for the price. The staffing agency was not helpful. The job board was very uninformative and did not lead to a marijuana job. Not recommended.

Learn Sativa Reviews

Learn Sativa was a very small program. Many of the videos inside the online program they are charging money for are found for free on Youtube unfortunately. Not updated. Not recommended. They fill their online program with free information on YouTube which is disappointing to say the least. Also know as Sativa University. Lack of quality throughout.

Trichome Institute Reviews

Trichome Institute was mainly for people interested in terpenes, and medicine. Very limited offerings. Not for the cannabis career, marijuana job seeker. Small courses, very little amount of information. Good if all you want to learn about are terpenes.

Oaksterdam University Reviews

Oaksterdam University has in class sit down courses and new online courses as of 2020. The online courses are priced at well above comparable cannabis schools and we did not find the cannabis courses to be worth the hefty price tags they were asking. Not recommended for online courses unless you have many thousands of dollars to spend. No laws. Lacking many important subjects.

Green Cultured Reviews

Green Cultured has low cost, low budget, low level online courses not suitable for anyone who is serious about their cannabis education and career. If you do not care about the quality of the course materials and the outcome of the program then it might be suitable for you.

Green Flower Academy Reviews

Green Flower Academy provides decent cannabis training with a lack of acceptance amongst cannabis business owners. They were late to the game of online cannabis training and it shows. Their programs overlap so the same content is used throughout. We purchased them all and saw that unfortunately we were essentially buying the same one over and over with only minor differences in the content. Not recommended.

Cleveland School of Cannabis Reviews

An online or in person school for Ohio residents. Not very informative for anyone who doesn't live in Ohio. If you live in Ohio and want to sit down at a school you might enjoy it. Otherwise the online content is lacking and not worth investing in when other cannabis schools offer much more online.

Compare Cannabis College Courses

We found that these other cannabis schools offered only a small fraction of the information that Cannabis Training University does, and for around the same cost, sometimes even much more.

And when we say a fraction, we mean it. Sometimes only about 5% of the content when compared to Cannabis Training University.

If you are looking for a marijuana job or want to start a cannabis business we highly recommend starting with online cannabis training from Cannabis Training University. No other marijuana university is offering close to as much useful information for an affordable price.

In addition, Cannabis Training University has been doing this since 2009, many, many years before all the other cannabis colleges. CTU is the most accepted and recognized cannabis certifications in the industry, and that goes a long way when looking for a cannabis career and marijuana job.

Cannabis Training University was also the only marijuana school that is out in the field shooting video on location in awesome indoor marijuana grow facilities, outdoor cannabis gardens, cannabis extraction labs, and interviewing real world cannabis industry doctors, cannabis lawyers, cannabis chefs, and medical marijuana patients. The other cannabis university's are doing cheap, watered down slide shows and the content is lacking.

Is Cannabis Training University legit?

Yes! CTU is legit, and we recommend Cannabis Training University to anyone looking to learn all aspects of this exciting industry.

Cannabis Training University is the top-rated cannabis college in the industry and we highly recommend their cannabis courses for anyone looking to start a cannabis business or learn how to get a marijuana job. CTU is also good for those looking to improve their home cannabis skills as we all often are.

Cannabis Training University was also the only cannabis college with updated cannabis laws for all the USA, Canada, and around the world in many countries as well. The other marijuana courses did not have updated marijuana laws or some did not even have any.

Sign up for cannabis training at the #1-rated cannabis college today.

Cannabis Training University has been the leading online cannabis college since 2009. While other cannabis schools have entered the market since, none have put the time in to develop anything nearly as comprehensive and affordable and known and accepted within the industry as Cannabis Training University



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