Top 5 Hemp Strains That Are High in CBD

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Best 5 Hemp strains that are high in CBD. Marijuana leaf.
Top 5 Hemp Strains That Are High in CBD

With the hemp conversation gaining momentum around the globe, it's high time you got acquainted with the top 5 hemp strains that are high in CBD.

It is projected that by 2025 the value of the hemp industry will be a staggering $ 26.6 billion. This will be a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 34%, all factors remaining constant.

Why is hemp projected to grow at such an impressive rate?

Hemp is a dynamic crop that could be put to so many uses. Hemp value is in the stalks, leaves, flowers, and even roots of the hemp plant. In summary, no part of the hemp plant goes to waste.

On an industrial scale, the uses of hemp include making building material, paper, textile, lotions, bioplastics, pet food, and as a source of fuel among others.

Hemp can also be used to produce cannabidiol (CBD) which has significant therapeutic value. The medicinal segment of hemp has a lot of untapped potential and could be worth exploring. Here are five hemp strains with high-CBD to get you started.

Cherry Mom Strain Review

Cherry Mom is a high CBD hemp strain with 40 times more CBD than you will find in most cannabis strains. On average the CBD content is about 24% while most cannabis strains will have less than 0.5% THC.

Cherry Mom is a tasty strain with many users describing the taste to be an eclectic mix of cherrywine and chardonnay.

This strain’s appearance is captivating. The popcorn shaped buds have different shades of green and are heavily coated with a silvery layer of trichomes. Bright orange pistils are the epitome of this strain’s beauty.

Cherry Mom is an indica leaning hemp strain that is a cross between two powerful strains: The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries.  Both parents are popular because of  their high CBD content.

Cherry Mom takes a short time to flower like most indica leaning strains. This makes it a go-to strain for new growers . Grown indoors you should expect to harvest in 7-8 weeks. In an outdoor setup the buds should be ready in the first week of October.

Frosted Lime Strain Review

Frosted lime is a frosty hemp strain that is decked sparkly trichomes that give the buds a polished look. Being a hemp strain Frosted Lime  has less than 0.3% of THC which gives cannabis strains psychoactive traits. characteristic cerebral high. However, this strain is loaded with other phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) which offers a number of beneficial properties.

Frosted Lime is an upbeat strain that spurs wakefulness and relaxation. As suggested by the name, Frosted Lime has a strong resemblance to limes, not only in color but scent as well. Other than the citru scent this strain has mild notes of herbal and pepperish scents.

Frosted Lime is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that causes a feeling of being uplifted and energized. Most people prefer taking this sativa bud during the day so they can enjoy the surge in energy levels before winding down.

Frosted Lime is a hybrid cross whose exact parents are not known. It is believed that this strain is linked to the indica leaning Frosty strain.

Frosted Lime effects set in almost immediately and sweep through the body in cyclic waves. This feels like a surge of energy and relaxation at the same time.  This also comes with increased focus and productivity. The effects will fade out pretty fast and leave you feeling refreshed.

The citrus infused smoke is mildly irritating on the throat. A glass of water can help to relieve this irritation. Frosted Lime has 18% CBD, the sativa: indica ratio is 60%:40%.

CBD OG Strain Review

CBD OG is a popular hemp strain that was created by the popular breeders Cali Connection. It is an indica leaning strain that has won 5 cannabis cups. It is also recognized for its high cannabigerol (CBG) content.

A jar of CBD OG willemit a powerful woody aroma that is reminiscent of walking through damp woodland. This highlights the presence of humulene and caryophyllene in this strain.

This indica strain causes mild stimulation in the mind without causing fogginess. It creates a feeling of joy and better sense of wellbeing. It also causes deep muscle relaxation and may help to relieve chronic aches and fatigues.

CBD OG is a hybrid cross between Lion's Tabernacle and the San Fernando Valley OG. SVF OG hails from Cali Connection as well. This strain has strong kush genetics that are passed onto CBD OG.

CBD OG is a high yielder that is ideal for indoor growing where space is restricted. It is also an easy plant to grow.

This strain is ideal for anyone looking for maximum relaxation and unwinding. It can be used at any time of the day since the effects are well balanced. Used in the evening this strain helps to promote sound sleep.

The CBD amount in this strain is usually around 10% while the THC does not go beyond 0.3%. The CBD effects in this strain are very pronounced.

The appearance of this strain is nothing to write home about due to the uniformity in color. Olive green flowers and buds with orange pistils to break the monotony.

Being a hemp strain with low THC, users don't expect to experience euphoria from this strain.

Hawaiian Haze Strain Review

Hawaiian Haze is an exotic hemp strain with high levels of CBD. It is a fruity strain with powerful relaxing effects that make it even more appealing.

The lineage of this strain is pretty much obvious: it is a cross between Hawaiian and Haze strains.

Hawaiian Haze is a tasteful strain with a blend of pineapples and mangoes that soothe the taste buds once you take the first bite. However, one can always pick subtle notes of pine and pepper that linger in the mouth.

Hawaiian Haze plants have thin leaves and small compact buds like most sativa strains. This orange colored pistil and silver lines snowflakes in the form of trichomes are abundant in this strain.

This sativa leaning strain causes a near instant cerebral buzz that is associated with increased energy levels. Consequently this strain is ideal for use in the morning when high energy levels will be appreciated. Taken at night this strain can interfere with a user’s sleep cycle.

Hawaiian Haze has about 18% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

BaOx Strain Review

BaOx is one of the most popular hemp strains with high CBD. It is a hybrid cross between Hindu Kush and Otto II. Hindu Kush is a landrace indica strain that hails from Pakistan; it has a heavy sandalwood aroma that is also present in BaOx. Otto II which hails from Colorado Springs is popular due to its high CBD content. BaOx has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD content and hardy characteristics.

Most people use BaOx as a daytime strain due to its stimulating properties. Given that is a sativa leaning strain, the cerebral effects will keep you stimulated for a while. However, do not expect to experience euphoria from this low-THC strain.

BaOx strain has an eclectic mix of terpenes. This creates an interesting mix of aromas that dominate this strain. The smoke is gentle and tasty; one that even new users will enjoy.

The CBD content in BaOx is about 15%. This strain has negligible amounts of THC rarely getting past 0.3%. However the THC can increase if the plants are subjected to harsh conditions. It is advisable to test for THC three to five weeks before harvest to ensure that the THC levels are in check.

This wraps up our discussion of the top five hemp strains that are high in CBD; we hope that this was an informative read.

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