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CannabisReports.org FAQ’s


Cannabis Reports FAQ's
CannabisReports.org FAQ's

Cannabis Reports FAQ's

QuestionWho are your  marijuana writers?

Answer- Our writers here at Cannabis Reports are some of the most talented and knowledgeable cannabis writers in the world. You can read about our writers here.

Question What kinds of categories do your writers review?

Answer- Our staff writers review all things cannabis related. So far they have focused their writing efforts on subjects such as;

-CBD Reviews/CBD Oil Reviews
-Marijuana Dispensary Reviews
-Marijuana Strain Reviews/Cannabis Strains
-Marijuana Growing/How to Grow Weed
-Marijuana Cooking/Cooking with Cannabis
-Marijuana Extractions/Cannabis Concentrates
-Marijuana Product Reviews
-Marijuana Education/Cannabis College
-Marijuana Jobs/Cannabis Careers
-Marijuana Doctors/Pot Docs
-Marijuana Lawyers/Cannabis Attorneys
-Marijuana News/Cannabis News
-Medical Marijuana News
-Marijuana Business News/Cannabis Business
-Marijuana Stocks/Cannabis Stocks
-Marijuana Technology Reviews
-Marijuana Entertainment/Cannabis Entertainment
-Cannabis Coffeeshops
-Cannabis Seed banks/Cannabis Seedbanks

Question Where is Cannabis Reports located?

Answer- Our writers are located across the United States and Canada.

QuestionCan I pay to advertise on your website?

Answer- Yes, we do allow sell banner ad space on our site. We can also write a review about your product or company with a link for your website. If interested, please write us at cannabisreports@gmail.com and tell us what you would like to include, and we will send you a custom quote.

QuestionDo you review cannabis businesses outside of North America?

Answer- Although we focus mainly on cannabis businesses in the USA & Canada, we do from time to time review cannabis seed banks in other countries as well. Please let us know of inquiries you may have.

If you would like to hear more Cannabis Reports FAQ's please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.