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If you’re looking to cash in on the green rush, you might consider weed accessories as a business opportunity. On the weed accessories market, things are easier to navigate and business owners are much able to make a profit. The cannabis industry is definitely ready for a wide range of cannabis products including weed accessories.

One of the things to note is that weed accessories are not subject to similar banking restrictions and regulations as products from the actual marijuana plant is. And so, it is easier to make these products and sell them on the market. In fact, so many business owners are taking advantage of the ancillary industry of marijuana products and are dominating the existing market. Let us take a closer look at the top weed accessories currently on the market and doing well. 

Weed Containers

There are a lot of weed accessories that are not connected with the smoking of the marijuana plant. However, if you want your weed to remain fresh, it is important to have a good storage container. It will maintain the smell and flavor of your weed and make it last longer. However, it has to be the right container. Weed containers today range from plastic to wooden materials. In some cases, you can get containers on the market that are UV resistant. 


Other weed accessories include vaporizers, which are getting more popular. Vaping has taken on a life of its own and many business entrepreneurs are jumping onboard to make a profit and to carve out a piece of the marketplace for themselves. There are some that have already built their brand around this concept. Vaping with CBD has also become quite popular and therefore, more vaporizers are making their way on the market. One of the benefits of vape pens and vaporizers is that they are portable and very travel friendly. In addition, they are conspicuous and you can smoke without anyone realizing that you are. 


If you are an avid user of marijuana, a grinder is one of the weed accessories that is a must. Every weed smoker should have at least one grinder. And, grinders are coming in all shapes and form; price point, models and materials. You can find many that are wooden, electric and plastic models. 

Dab Rigs

If you are into cannabis concentrates, then you will benefit from a dab rig. Concentrates are getting very popular too. In fact, sales for rosin reached an all time high of 128 percent in the state of Oregon in 2016 and 66 percent in the state of Colorado in 2018. Shatter, live rosin and hash are increasing in popularity. As interest continues to grow, it is safe to say that dab rigs will be some of the best weed accessories to do well on the market. As knowledge increases about cannabis concentrates and the marijuana plant, there is no stopping the market from being flooded with new and improved weed accessories. 

Herbal Infusers

So many people are turning to concentrates in addition to flower. However, there are many people getting interested in edibles. The market is being bombarded with various types of edibles. In fact, it is predicted that by 2022, the United States and Canada will see an estimated profit of $4.1 billion in the edibles market. Many entrepreneurs are using herbal infusers to make edibles in the comfort of their own homes. With edibles, you are able to infuse butters and oils with marijuana oil with much accuracy. 

Cannabis Training Online

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Final Summary

Weed accessories have become one of the major opportunities in the cannabis industry. It can be challenging for weed cultivators to keep up with the laws that govern the industry, but for those who manufacture and sell weed accessories, it is a whole different set of guidelines, laws and regulations. In other words, it is much easier, more competitive and an incredible way to get into the cannabis industry.

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