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If you're a business owner, you should be using technology for your marijuana business. In fact, technology will continue to impact the future and so it is important to get onboard now.

More states across the United States are going in the direction of marijuana legalization. As this is done, new markets open to host the various brands of the cannabis industry. The regulations and the restrictions for marijuana still remain rigid, especially around marketing and advertising. As a result, many CBD and marijuana companies are putting their advertising dollars on billboard and local print. This advertising strategy overlooks stronger channels that will give them more exposure with a wider audience. 

The Platforms

The large online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are not as easy to navigate as one might think, even though they are popular digital channels. There are certain rules, guidelines and restrictions when it comes to advertising a cannabis business. So many product brands are entering the marketplace and making it very competitive. And so it is important to find creative marketing solutions. Many cannabis business owners are trying digital billboards or OOH (out of home) marketing to get visible placements for their brands. Some of them are also adding static billboard ads to the mix. 

Out of Home Advertising

The out of home advertising seems to have caught on because it forecasted to reach about twenty six billion dollars by 2023. This is primarily because advertising has moved beyond the billboard. It has gone to television, video, mobile and desktop. It allows the cannabis business owners to run campaigns in different places at the same time. So in other words, OOH marketing has more creative options in comparison to the static billboard option. It guides cannabis business owners into building strategic campaigns where content changes according to the target audience and it also works along with other digital technologies to provide playback reporting in a detailed fashion.

And most of these digital technology displays are usually in areas where traffic is high. The right people will see it because they won’t be able to skip through. The fact that there are so many advertising restrictions for the cannabis business owner, every one of them should choose the OOH advertising to ensure creativity, relevance, reach a target audience and the right context. 

The Cell Phone

As a cannabis business owner, you should not pass up the cell phone. It is very important to reaching the right target audience and these days, many of them use cell phones to go online. The cell phone can reach the right consumer directly instead of going through other channels where it has more intense regulations. A text message to the target audience reaches and is read within five minutes of receipt.

If you own a dispensary, make sure you include web forms and different calls to action on the website or around the dispensary so customer information can be collected for cell phone campaigns, which would include text messages; among other things. In so doing, you will be able to push content to your ideal customer. This can be very effective, especially when you want them to know about current and upcoming discounts. It is the ideal way to personalize your approach to how you deal with the potential and existing customers. 

The Podcast

If you have never heard about podcasts, they are part of the digital technology being used frequently today by news media and business owners. This technology is growing fast and cannabis business owners should catch on. It is effective in engaging your audience and providing industry and company information for community building. 

Here are some other useful ways you could be using technology for your marijuana business.

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