Top Tips To Interviewing For A Cannabis Job

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Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, there are some good tips to interviewing someone for a cannabis job or being the person interviewed for the job. There are some essential questions that you need to ask and there are some important questions that the job applicant must answer in order to get a good idea of whether this person is a good match or not.

The job applicant will also get to know if the cannabis job is suitable and if the company is a good match as well. Doing an interview and attending one is just as nerve-racking, but more so for the cannabis job applicant.

It can leave you feeling nervous enough to not be yourself in a situation where you need to be at your best. Everyone has had those moments of feeling overwhelmed and rushed; sometimes not knowing the answer to the question and sometimes not sure which questions to ask.

In addition to this pressure, the interview questions may not be the same for the cannabis industry as it would be for other industries and so you have to be well prepared. Here are the top tips to interviewing for a cannabis job.

The Cannabis Job Applicant

In many cases the applicant is fearful of the element of surprise, but that is a given. However, there are some questions that you can look forward to being asked as a cannabis job applicant and there are certain questions that you must as the interviewer. When you prepare for the interview as much as possible, you may be caught off guard in certain instances, but you always get a chance to redeem yourself.

When you are the interviewer, the task at hand is finding the person that fits the position and it also has to be someone who understands the vision of the company and shows during the interview that they did their research. This is true for all job interviews.

An interview is the first conversation that the interviewer will have with the cannabis job applicant and so, this has to go well or it is going to be an indicator that this is not a good fit.

The Questions

If you are the job applicant, below are some questions you need to ask yourself to prepare for the cannabis job interview. You should first come to terms with whether you have enough experience for this field and ask yourself whether you would enjoy working in this position and in this industry.

One of the main questions to consider the answer for is what ways have marijuana really affected your personal life. What exactly attracted you to pursue a job in the cannabis industry and what have you actually done to relate to the position to which you are applying?

The interviewer might also want to know the answer as to whether you have worked in the industry before and whether or not you are familiar with the company's products. You may have to explain what you think about the company's competition and the products that they sell.

Like any other job, the interviewer is going to want to know the reasons for seeking a job and the reason for leaving your existing job.

You will have to describe your experience and why it separates you from the other applicants and then you have to give a good synopsis of your strengths and your weaknesses.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for a cannabis interview by first getting online cannabis job training. Learn all areas of the industry so you can speak confidently about them to the hiring manager.

Final Summary

In every job interview, it will be incumbent upon you to tell what motivates you and how others have motivated you.

You would also have to discuss one of your past bosses and what they would say that you were good at and how you could have made improvements.

You have to be ready for these questions. Be calm and think about the questions before giving a well thought out answer.

Make sure you have an idea of your goals and aspirations so that you can tell the interviewer in one or two short sentences. As long as you are prepared, you will do fine!

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