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With weed currently being legal in so many states across the U.S., and with most of them actually decriminalizing weed and with the medically prescribed marijuana products on the market, the cannabis industry is gaining grounds and more marijuana companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Some of these marijuana companies have also already been publicly traded after seeing the results of their profit margins. The growth potential continues to improve as more states become legal.

As It Stands

As it currently stands, more marijuana companies have pot stocks that have increased to as much as 147%, which has beat the S&P's modest profits, hands down. Now, we are going to explore which marijuana companies are doing the best on the publicly traded stock market. Many cannabis companies are doing over-the-counter trading, but that should change in the upcoming years. There are some pot companies that do not have the professional management, financial controls or board of directors to perform their due diligence so as to carve out a place in the stock market. These companies have been disappointed and disappointing as it relates to their results. For that reason, these marijuana companies have taken a back seat. However, there are still companies impressing upon investors to take a chance with them. Let's look at some of the hottest marijuana companies to date.

Novus Acquisition & Development

Novus Acquisition & Development is fully traded. This is one of the marijuana companies located in the city of Miami, Florida. It is a consulting firm that provides people with cost saving medical plans as an alternative to cannabis medicine. Subscribers pay less than $20 each month to get steep discounts on prescribed pot. The cannabis company is expanding as it has already rolled out a benefit network to legal states and has employed another startup sector known as TKO organics, which grows and dispenses weed for its patients in seven other sates.

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

The Abattis Bioceuticals located in Vancouver B.C. The marijuana company provides consumers with extraction equipment, cultivation systems and consulting services, particularly to marijuana growers. Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. was able to drum up to $3 million this year in private placements. The marihuana company then acquired other parent companies to help stake claim in the stock market.

United Cannabis Corp                                                                                

The United Cannabis Corp. is a cannabis consulting firm. It is a company that also makes cannabis products. This is one of the marijuana companies that is located in the state of California and is currently looking for a patent for its potent marijuana pills that it has developed. This company is based in the city of Denver, but has been able to get a consulting assignment for the Jamaican government.

Cannabis Sativa Inc.

Cannabis Sativa Inc. is one of the marijuana companies that make sativa products after doing research and development in their New Mexico lab. The company is run by Gary Johnson who is from the Libertarian party and ran for president in 2016.  The company markets its products using “Hi” as its name. It sells lozenges called “Hi Lozenges.”

Greengro Technologies

Greengro Technologies is located in Anaheim, California and retails cannabis products. The company has raised up to $875,000 for private placement on the stock market. This is one of the marijuana companies that plan to franchise its business model. They have an ongoing profitable retail business with plans for future expansion.

TerraTech Corp.

TerraTech Corp. is one of the marijuana companies that are located in Irvine, California. The company is involved with retail and marijuana cultivation. The company raised a lot of money than any other publicly traded company. TerraTech Corp. is currently collaborating with a vaporizer company called “Vaporin.”

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