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Medical marijuana was made legal in 2015 in Puerto Rico. It was three years after that it seemed obvious that this was a good move as the cannabis industry began to grow and more marijuana companies started to take advantage of it.

The Latinas in Puerto Rico has a shared passion of building the marijuana industry and providing education necessary to understand the benefits of it. And that is why there are so many marijuana companies and training institutes that are becoming a part of this shared interest and passion.

Let us take a look at some of the Latina leaders who have become CEOs and activists of the marijuana industry, opening up their own cannabis dispensaries or providing extensive research in the field.

Fundación Free Juana

Fundación Free Juana was founded in 2012 as a non-profit organization. Shadiff Repullo is the educator, attorney and activist to get the recognition of making this one of the top marijuana companies in Puerto Rico. She has been an avid advocate of medical marijuana for the past six years and before. The foundation places emphasis on providing information about how cannabis benefits people who are ill.

Since medical marijuana has been legalized in the island, this advocate has used her foundation to extend professional services to those who have an interest in working in the cannabis industry. She also provides patient education on how to obtain a medical marijuana card. The foundation has been instrumental in leading the march on April 20th each year to celebrate the progress of the industry and to create an awareness of the benefits of marijuana legalization.

The main focus of the foundation, though, is to educate patients and to make sure that they are well.  To continue their outreach, the foundation has created networks and alliances with marijuana dispensaries and industry leaders outside of the metro area.

Bwell Healing Centers

Bwell Healing Centers is also one of the top marijuana companies located in Puerto Rico. It owns a chain of marijuana dispensaries as well as Next GenPharma, which is the first facility to be licensed for marijuana cultivation and product manufacturing.  Carmen Serrano is the CEO and partner of these two marijuana companies. Part of the leadership role of Carmen Serrano is to cultivate and manufacture cannabis products to help people with specific illnesses.

The objective is to provide holistic treatment using cannabis products to patients so they can live a quality life. The company's products are of the highest quality. Right now, the CEO is in the process of expanding the company to include 10 dispensary franchises on the island. In fact, the company is now opening its fourth marijuana dispensary franchise. The extended plan is to also include other services that complement the dispensaries and these would include anxiety and stress management and relaxation techniques. This would be done through collaboration with therapists, chiropractors and psychology clinics.

Latinas Cannapreneurs

Latinas Cannapreneurs is one of the top marijuana companies that focus on promoting the education of cannabis. The company is lead by writer, entrepreneur, activist and educator Frances Gonzalez. Many people know her as being an instrumental leader in the cannabis movement for women in Puerto Rico and over the world. She brings innovative and modern solutions to the cannabis industry through her sister company, Millennia Solutions, which provides answering service to the cannabis industry.

Frances has also become a member of Certified Cannabis Expert and Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis. Right now, her focus is on collaboration of a California cannabis channel so she can help to develop related content for international or worldwide access to anyone who is interested in the cannabis industry.

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