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In the cannabis industry the top marijuana companies earning investment from Canopy Rivers is growing. There have been tons of investment opportunities and activities that many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of. Yes, there are many players; big and small; most of whom are seeking ways to stay in the action.

In addition to keen interest from the ordinary investor, some marijuana companies have experienced the rising demand and so have to deploy larger amounts of investment funding in the search of opportunities with high growth. Canopy Rivers is one of the investment specialists or marijuana companies that falls into this category. The company has very close tactical partnership with Canopy Growth, which is a marijuana production company that has made waves in the Toronto cannabis industry.

The Network

Canopy Rivers has put together a team of professionals who have lots of investigative experience in the industry. Their responsibility is to identify marijuana companies that have a potential for high growth and would have an interest in becoming members of the Canopy Growth network of marijuana companies.

As it stands now, Canopy Rivers has been able to identify eleven marijuana companies in the industry that are seeking investment funding. Canopy Rivers is hoping that this will foster a positive effect among network members so that more members will be invited to join in the years to come.

The Mission

The mission that Canopy Rivers has put together is comprehensive. The intention is to go far beyond choosing marijuana stocks and watching share prices rise and become higher. This is one of the marijuana companies that see the ability for much growth by creating an ecosystem to allow investment targets to thrive. By choosing marijuana companies that complement each other, it offers several direct and indirect benefits to Canopy Rivers. And as the network is growing, the existing members do provide a positive impact that continues to benefit everyone involved.

The Approach

Canopy Rivers has a specific method in which it invests in marijuana companies that have shown enormous growth and this gives Canopy Rivers a flexible approach to its investment. The approach that Canopy Rivers uses includes simple equity, joint ventures, secured debt and royalties linked to production. The royalties go to investment candidates. This is helpful for Canopy Rivers as it uses this approach to align its economic interests with the needs that the marijuana companies have. There are eleven marijuana companies in the portfolio owned by Canopy Rivers and these include:

  1. CanapR – Subsidiary seeking development and commercialization in hemp cultivation
  2. Agripharm – licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada
  3. PharmaHouse – agricultural greenhouse facility company
  4. Civilized Worldwide – lifestyle and media specialist
  5. Vert Mirabel – joint venture company
  6. Radicle Cannabis – team of marijuana breeders, growers, patients and scientists
  7. Spot Therapeutics – marijuana industry player in maritime provinces within Canada

Additionally, among its current investments, Canopy Rivers boasts several marijuana companies that are publicly traded. LiveWell Foods Canada and James E. Wagner Cultivation are among two of them. LiveWell Foods Canada is one of those marijuana companies that focus on produce and distribution technology. James E. Wagner Cultivation is one of the marijuana companies that focus on aeroponic technology for continuous cannabis harvesting. Solo Growth places its emphasis on retail marijuana in Canada. TerrAscend has the best cannabis stock in the portfolio belonging to Canopy Rivers. TerrAscend now has access to Canopy Growth's well built distribution network and with such access, the company plans to become a major player in the marijuana industry.

Final Summary

As the cannabis market continues to evolve, there will be different marijuana companies that will join the fray and position themselves within the Canopy Rivers network of companies. It is evident that as the marijuana industry is impacted by full legalization, more growth will take place and more marijuana companies will make their mark as Canopy Rivers has done.

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