Top Marijuana Business Directories
Top Cannabis Business Directories

Top Marijuana Business Directories

There are various marijuana business directories online where you can find the companies that you would like. Some of the things you will find in these directories are cannabis products, advertisers, growers, producers, retail companies, marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, accounting services, investors, lawyers, testing and compliance companies, security and transportation companies, packing solutions, tourism, and more. Let's look at some of the marijuana business directories that may interest you and some of the companies listed.


Mantis is said to be one of the more advanced and major marijuana-friendly company that offers marketing services. The company's platform was built to accommodate video marketing and display marketing. The company's goal is to make a connection between the target audience and the brands using more than five hundred niche publications digitally. Mantis has had an influence over more than thirty five million readers each month. If you are an advertiser, you will be offered strategic displays to advertise your products and brand. Video advertising helps to reach a wider targeted audience. Mantis will track the ad campaigns to see results and performance. The website traffic is monetized using CPM and CPC payouts.

WeatherPort Shelter Systems

Located in Colorado since 1968, the WeatherPort Shelter Systems provides quality manufactured grow tents and greenhouses to companies using them for commercial and medical marijuana production. The grow tents are made from fabric and are expandable and portable.


Ganjapreneur is an online business directory that allows businesses to list their companies along with a description and location. Clients can add their businesses for free and consumers can use the portal to search for different businesses. Some businesses are listed in various categories including location and type of business.

Ganja Law, PLLC

Ganja Law, PLLC is your one-stop shop to legal expertise as it relates to the marijuana industry. The law firm offers compliance solutions and defense solutions to those in the marijuana business. They are the primary source to anything related to legal marijuana and that also includes licensing, investments and MED consulting.

Dispensary Permits

If you are looking for seeds to sale, Dispensary Permits offers consulting services where support is the name of the game. New or existing entrepreneurs are given the support they need to either break into or dominate the cannabis industry. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dispensary Permits helps people who own a dispensary, cultivate, test strains or make cannabis products.

Medical Jane

Medical Jane is also another top marijuana business directory used to find businesses in the cannabis industry. You will also be able to read about industry experts. Businesses are listed in categories including infused products, glass companies, doctors and referrals, apparel and accessories and consulting.

Cannabis Business Executive Directory

You can get your marijuana business listed in the Cannabis Business Executive Directory by signing up at their website. If you want to update a listing, then you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. You can sign up for a spotlight listing for as low as $195 per month where you choose two categories and 80 words per description. A featured listing costs up to $60 per month with one category and a 45 word description.

THC Biz Directory

THC Biz Directory has different kinds of listings for the marijuana business directories and is appropriately categorized to make it easier to search. The directory includes a vast array of medical marijuana business across the nation. The website is easy to navigate and searched. You can find just about any type of business in this particular directory. Listing your business there will give you the added exposure that you are looking for.


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