Top European Cannabis Shops Online
European marijuana shops online. Laptop with marijuana leaf.

Top European Cannabis Shops Online

Top European Cannabis Shops Online. Legal cannabis is progressing quite fast and has become a trend in various countries. However, it can be quite challenging to order online from cannabis shops, especially if you live in the wrong region of the world. A few studies indicate that more than fifteen percent of citizens in Europe are regular users of the marijuana flower. However, despite these studies, the legal cannabis market for marijuana products can be primarily found in North America because of regulations and laws. Some people are not yet aware that the legal market for marijuana flowers currently exists in Europe, but cannabis shops are the way that people purchase their weed from European business owners.

The Internet

Of course, these online cannabis shops are in its infancy phase, but regardless, there has already been a show of growth. Almost all legal cannabis shops located in Europe offer CBD-rich and THC-low marijuana buds or flowers strictly on the Internet. Many of the products sold on online cannabis shops have the remarkable potential of being therapeutic and that may be the reason why so many European cannabis shops are becoming so popular. These online companies may be representing the milestone reached in history for the first European cannabis shops to be on the internet. We have put together a list of some of the top online shops that will best serve you. Bear in mind that related products sold in these shops might be deemed illegal where you live, especially, if you do not reside in a place where marijuana is legal. It is best that you do your research to cover your base.

Lady Mary

The Lady Mary is one of the cannabis shops located in Austria, but is solely online. The products are shipped to the European Union. This company is one of the first cannabis shops that have been legally selling products that ship to the entire European Union (EU). On the website, it is indicated that the company only sells products that are legal in the EU. In its inventory, the shop has premium marijuana strains that have up to twenty six percent CBD content.

Hemp Elf

Located in the United Kingdom is the Hemp Elf, which is one of the cannabis shops that sell hemp products online. The sold products are shipped only to Switzerland and the European Union. The company sells in excess of seventeen high quality cannabis strains legally. Its CBD flowers are certified by the EIHA EU. The company's hemp products are cultivated legally with government licenses acquired in Switzerland and Italy. Edibles, marijuana concentrates, vapes and topical creams are some of the other related products sold online.


Located in Italy, the Cannical is one of the cannabis shops that sells products online and ships them only to Switzerland and the European Union. The store sells a variety of related products that include concentrates, pet food, oils, flowers and cosmetics. The company wants every adult located in Europe to have high quality legal products that are healthy and at an affordable price. The company operates an online blog used to inform and educate its readers about marijuana, CBD and other related topics.


Canvory is located in Austria and ships solely to the European Union. It is one of the cannabis shops that has been established online for many years; selling high quality products. The hemp and cannabis flowers in their inventory are cultivated indoors in Austria and are in compliance to the GMP standard. The company also sells hemp seeds, tea and extract.

Marry Jane

Marry Jane is one of the cannabis shops located in Switzerland and only ships locally within the country. Therefore, you must live in Switzerland to be able to purchase, even though the company sells online. The online shop offers a variety of marijuana strains, extracts, and pre-rolled joints.

These have been some of the top European cannabis shops online. We hope you enjoy them!


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