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Are you looking for the top cannabis tours located in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is known as Sin City, but there is not much to worry about because this is one of the states that has fully legalized weed; both recreationally and medically. And so, this may be one of the reasons why tourists flock this sinful city so much; in addition to playing the slot machines.

Yes, casinos and weed is thought to go together in the city of Las Vegas. The city is always buzzing; both day and night, but mostly at night. During the day, you can enjoy cannabis tours that are both enlightening and fun. You can let your hair down and have an adventure on any one of these cannabis tours.

Fun and Entertainment

While the marijuana culture is still in its infancy stage in the city of Las Vegas, the activities in this location for stoners have increased. You will have so many options to explore where weed is celebrated and this includes:

This means that you have quite a few choices to explore. This is especially true if you are on vacation and want the best out of the city of Las Vegas. Made for entertainment, this city is a viable choice for vacationing and enjoying cannabis tours.

The Convenience

Las Vegas is attracting a lot of companies and entrepreneurs that are taking advantage of the industry and starting businesses that offer cannabis tours. Most of these companies provide an amazing experience and convenience for the consumer by offering a lot of fun activities during the tour. Because of these cannabis tours that visitors are opting for, they don’t have to stand in long lines at marijuana dispensaries anymore. Let’s look at some of these companies.


In Las Vegas, LOOPR offers a fun and entertaining browsing experience to its visitors. This is an app, which provides information on the kind of things you can do in Las Vegas as a stoner. These include nightlife, craft brewing, food and activities that include weed. On the app, you can find transportation services that will take you to dispensaries in close proximity to their location. On the app, you can get discounted passes to different cannabis tours; whether you are touring a dispensary or grow operation.

Highway Tours

If you are ever in Las Vegas, you would enjoy visiting Highway Tours, which is operated by a licensed marijuana grower. You will also have access to a large marijuana product inventory. There are other cool cannabis tours around town, but this one is exemplary. You get to do a sightseeing tour; whether you are a novice or experienced stoner. The company also offers private cannabis tours at a higher price tag.

Herbology Tours

If you are looking for both entertainment and education, then you will love Herbology Tours. It is located in the city of Las Vegas at a convenient location. The owner of the company and his associates has more than twenty five years experience in the cannabis industry, touring and entertainment. This is one of the cannabis tours that offer other things such as Brew and Bud guided tours for fun and education.

420 Vegas Tours

Another of the fun cannabis tours is the 420 Vegas Tours where you will be offered a wide range of activities to explore such as:

  • Cannabis Patients Choice 420 Tour
  • Original 4-20 Tour
  • LV Dispensary Tour
  • Wake ‘N Bake Tour (self guided)
  • Edible Kitchen Tours

This company is one of the leaders in cannabis tours in the city of Las Vegas. They own a large number of party buses so consumers can get to the tour easily.

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