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Top Cannabis Tours in Colorado. As the cannabis tourism industry continues to grow and increases in popularity in the state of Colorado, there are many cannabis tours that have come into operation. You now have the option of choosing from several cannabis tour operations in order to understand and learn more about the industry as a whole. You will get the behind the scenes view and an insight into how things work in the cannabis industry. Many of these cannabis tour companies have recommended visits to grow operations, hydroponic labs, marijuana dispensaries and so much more. All the cannabis tours listed below are unique, providing their own spin on the cannabis industry in the state of Colorado. You can do your own research, but we have done most of it for you here. Check them out below.

The Spot 420

The Spot 420 is located in the city of Pueblo, Colorado. This is one of the companies offering cannabis tours to both Pueblo and Colorado Springs residents and visitors. These are daily cannabis tours where you will be greeted and welcomed by a hostess. You may be able to meet with the master cannabis grower during the tour. You will get to see where marijuana cultivation takes place in a 20,000 square foot facility. The tour will touch on the cycle of hte marijuana plant, from its seed stage to the sale phase. You don't have to pay for this tour nor do you have to make reservations as long as you go on the tour between 10AM and 5PM.

Mile High Limo Tours

Mile High Limo Tours is a private Denver company offering cannabis tours since 2014. Tours are available every day where consumers are transported in a luxury limousine. You can smoke in the limo. You can travel in groups and still have privacy with the partitions inside the limo. The vehicle picks up consumers from anywhere in the city of Denver. You just have to select your schedule to go on a customized tour. Call (303) 222-0035 to set everything up.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours

One of the best cannabis tours is with the Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours. Customers get to take a closer look at how the cannabis business is operated. You will get to meet with the owners while you go on this tour. You will get to see a commercial grow plant, how the extractor works, learn about dab, and get a pass to their smoke club.

Denver Marijuana Tours

At the Denver Marijuana Tours, you get to go on a private group tour as long as you are in a party of six or fewer people. There is a cost of $89 for the hour. A vehicle will pick you up anywhere in the city of Denver. Consumers will get to see the grow house and learn many things about bud trimming, weed curing, and other horticultural topics. The tour makes stops at several marijuana dispensaries throughout Denver.


One of the other companies that offer cannabis tours is the Loopr. Download their app for transportation service to their mobile marijuana lounges. This is certainly one of the best social experiences as it relates to weed. You get to hang out and enjoy the best ever party bus that Colorado has to offer. The ride fits 46 people. There is a dab bar, glassware, video monitors, 4 booths, free WiFi, restroom, laser light show and even a refrigerator to hold your drinks. The cost is just $25 per day.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

The Colorado Cannabis Tours is a two and half hour expedition that cost $49. If you are staying in a nearby hotel, you may get a discounted price. Go on the tour and get to see a hydroponic grow facility and get to visit marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

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