Top Cannabis Products in the Humboldt County Cup

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In this awesome article we will examine some of the top cannabis products in the Humboldt County Cup.

Except for Rif Mountain Valley in a place known as Morocco, there is no other place in the universe that has better marijuana cultivation and cannabis products than Humboldt County does.

When you hear someone mention Humboldt, it is OK to think about cannabis products. The Humboldt County Cup has received its well-deserved reputation around the world. Once the location is in a conversation, you can expect to get stares from people who will think right away that you are a recreational cannabis user.

What to Expect

At the Humboldt Country Cup each year, visitors and locals arrive with a lot of expectation. If you are new to this festival, you should expect live music, marijuana growers and concentrate artists in attendance, edibles markers and marijuana activists attending the two day seminar. Come with the intention to have a good laugh with marijuana comedy and some great vibes. You will be able to sample some of the best cannabis products in Weed Country, which is the name given to Humboldt County.

The 2018 Festival

California has recently legalized recreational marijuana and so the 2018 Humboldt County Cup should be more interesting this year. The county is bracing for the flood of cannabis-friendly tourists. If you have any intentions of attending the festival this year, below is the rundown of which companies to expect to be there selling the finest cannabis products.

Humboldt Apothecary Tinctures

Humboldt Apothecary Tinctures is one of the companies that will be at the festival this year. The company has been around for more than 25 years. Humboldt Apothecary Tinctures has a deep reverence for the marijuana plant and it shows in the cannabis products that they offer. The company offers ten marijuana tinctures and each of them have their own distinct blend of therapeutic and medicinal herbs. They also have varying CBD and THC ratio. When patients take the “Breathe Tincture,” it helps them to breathe better, especially those with respiratory issues.

Graham’s Brand Macktown Diesel

When you attend the festival this year, make sure you check out Graham’s Brand Macktown Diesel, which is a small company, but has a large enough inventory of cannabis products.  Their main product has more than 28 percent THC. This strains has medicinal properties that are strong and stimulating.

Space Gem Gummy Candy

Space Gem Gummy Candy sells gummy bears that are made from organic fruit and ice. The potency is high and you can choose between either sour or sweet. The owners of the company will let you sample before buying. You can expect about 13.3 mg THC when you consume the cannabis products offered by Space Gem Gummy Candy. There are varying flavors that you can choose from and that you will enjoy.

Humboldt Hempwick

Humboldt Hempwick is a company located in Humboldt County. All of their cannabis products are made in this location from organic beeswax and hemp fibers. Their main product aids users to enjoy their blunts, bowls, joints and bongs without having to endure the burning sensation of fume inhalation.

Humboldt’s Finest Joints 6-Pack

Humboldt’s Finest Joints 6-Pack sells some of the finest cannabis products that are made using the stringent ecological standards. The company does not use fossil fuel or anything that would not be natural. Their joints are rolled in natural, raw and unbleached paper.

Humble Flower Co. Pain Relief Salve

Humble Flower Co. Pain Relief Salve is a family business that caters to homegrown and organic cannabis products. These include massage oils, topical creams, salves, lotions, and bath soaks. These cannabis products are well sought after, especially by patients with joint and dry skin problems.

Make sure you attend next year so you can see some of the Top Cannabis Products in the Humboldt County Cup for yourselves!

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