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Even while you may be traveling to a state that has legalized weed for adult use, you will find few places or cannabis accommodations where you can smoke or consume marijuana legally. There are very few hotel accommodations that allow guest to consume cannabis on their premises. In addition, in most states, you are not allowed to consume it in public. However, the marijuana legalization rules and guidelines do not usually apply to people who privately advertise their lodgings on Airbnb.

The Website

This website is used by many private homeowners to attract new guests over time. For those homeowners and guests, it works out to be convenient because cannabis does not have any official policy regarding consumption in private. If you are the homeowner, you have to decide if you are going to allow someone to come into your home and smoke weed with your approval.

If you own a home in a cannabis-friendly state, it is easier to make that decision. In fact, some homeowners will have a designated area for guests to smoke weed. In other cases, some hosts will offer the guests a welcome kit that includes glass pipe, marijuana strain and rolling paper. This attracts more guests, especially those who are avid recreational marijuana users. One downside is that these kinds of cannabis accommodations on Airbnb are not easy to find on your own. Therefore, we have put together a list for you that you can find in marijuana legalized states like Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, California, DC and Washington. Bear in mind that the prices are subject to change.

The State of Alaska

The Treehouse is one of the cannabis accommodations that you can currently find if you want to visit the state of Alaska and in the city of Anchorage. The price is $135 per night. The Treehouse is cozy with amenities that include a private deck, small kitchen and hot tub. The area has biking and hiking trails nearby. Guests can also go downtown within 35 minutes by car.

The State of California

Sweetleaf Retreat is located in Plymouth, California and charges $75 per night. This is one of the cannabis accommodations that you can find on Airbnb. Guests are privy to spa and massage sessions at an additional cost, but this has to be booked in advance. This is considered a retreat where guests can enjoy a cannabis-infused oil massage that last for 90 minutes. Guests can enjoy CBD and THC drinks that are non-alcoholic and healthy.

The area has several wineries that guests can explore. Desert Hot Springs Inn is located in Palm Springs California at a price of $119 per night. This is the ideal vacation spot because it is less than an hour driving time from the Joshua Tree National Park. It is also close to bars and restaurants downtown. This is one of the cannabis accommodations that have amenities like hot tub and pool. It is like a mini resort with a massage therapist on-site.

The State of Colorado

In the state of Colorado, Mystic Portal is one of the cannabis accommodations that offers treehouse rooms to guests and charges $139 per night. This lodging is located in a secluded area in Colorado Springs and has lots of outdoor space for smoking, if guests would prefer. Guests have access to a kitchen and hot tub. All rooms have a mountain view with natural lighting. There is a fish pond outside for guests to relax and meditate.

The State of Nevada

Colorful Casa is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is one of the cannabis accommodations that guests would love. It is a two bedroom condominium with a large television, massage chair, kitchen and mini-bar. It is located in a serene and quiet neighborhood, away from the busy Las Vegas Strip. The price to stay is $87 per night.

The State of Oregon

Check out the Tender Bud Acres in Hubbard, Oregon where the price per night is $75. This five-acre property has a fire pit and kitchen.  Don't be surprised if you see chickens and cats around. No smoking is permitted in the rooms. Eastmoreland Retreat is located in Portland, Oregon and charges $85 per night. It is a cottage with beautiful furniture. Guests are offered a complimentary box with a grinder, rolling papers, ashtray and lighter.

The State of Washington

You might also want to check out the Cottage in the Heart of Ballard , which is another one of the cannabis accommodations on Airbnb, located in Seattle Washington for $89 per night and Big Hat Farm in Morton, Washington for $120 per night.

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