Top Canadians With Cannabis Influence On And Offline

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If you are new to learning about the continuous changes in the cannabis industry, or you might be an enthusiasts searching for meaningful updates or you are an entrepreneur seeking a connection with a powerful leader, you could stumble upon misleading and overwhelming information. Especially if you are not getting it from the right source. If you have the cannabis influence by following the right people, you will be on the right track.

We have put together a list of Canadians with influence you should definitely follow for the desired cannabis influence; whether online or offline.

Abi Roach

Hotbox Cafe is owned by Abi Roach who is a cannabis entrepreneur. She has been operating this marijuana lounge now for a very long time. Spliff Magazine is also hers. She is the main publisher. She is also the director of an association known as Cannabis Friendly Business Association. Abi Roach did not just stop there. She is certainly a cannabis influence in Jamaica where she operates a ‘bud and breakfast' business.

Alex Blumenstein

Alex Blumenstein is the guy you want to hook up with, if you want to start a cannabis business and you have a great idea. His company, Leaf Forward is his company; located in Canada is the first of its kind and is leading the industry. He is the cofounder of the company and he has many connections in the industry.

Alexzander Samuelsson

Alexzander Samuelsson is known as “Alex, the Chemist.” That is what his online followers call him because he is the lead Chemist working at NextLeaf Solutions. He has cannabis influence that most would call fascinating because of his social media following and his expertise in marijuana product production.

Alison McMahon

Alison McMahon has cannabis influence because she is a workplace expert with a background in human resources. She is also the CEO and founder of “Cannabis At Work” where she helps people find work in the cannabis industry. If you want to change careers or you are interested in finding a job in the cannabis industry, start with Alison McMahon.

Andrew Waye

Andrew Waye is a marijuana scientist and is also considered to have cannabis influence. He has a senior position at the Health Canada Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch. This is quite impressive, if you ask us.

Annie MacEachern

Annie MacEachern is definitely a cannabis influence and crusader. She is an influence in her PEI community at the local level. She was invited to moderate the town hall meeting put on by MP Sean Casey on regulation and legalization of marijuana.

Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode is a mother of three. She is also the CEO and President of NICHE Canada. She is also chief editor at BotaniQ Magazine. She is cofounder of Cannabis Wise. Barinder hails out of Vancouver, Canada and certainly knows how to multitask as a business owner, mother and can be labeled a cannabis influence for sure.

Chuck Rifici

If you want to meet the Godfather of Canadian Pot, meet Chuck Rifici who is the CEO and chairman of Auxly Cannabis Group. He is also chairman of National Access CANNABIS.Chuck is also the cofounder of Canopy Growth, a reputable and successful cannabis company in Canada. He is definitely a cannabis influence.

Dan Sutton

Dan Sutton is the CEO and founder of Tantalus Lab; also known as Tesla of Cannabis; located in Vancouver, Canada. Dan Sutton works actively in the cannabis industry; sharing his knowledge about marijuana cultivation with others.

Hamish Sutherland

White Sheep Corporation is run by Hamish Sutherland, a cannabis influence, CEO and President with a passion for the marijuana industry. He is also the COO and founder of Bedrocan Canada. More importantly, Hamish Sutherland was instrumental in transferring live marijuana plant material from the Netherlands to Canada.

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