Top 6 Cannabis Companies Of 2019
Top 6 Marijuana Companies of 2019. Best of 2019 black and grey sign.

Top 6 Cannabis Companies of 2019 

Here at Cannabis Reports we are doing the top 6 cannabis companies of 2019. To be considered one of the top 6 cannabis companies of 2019 you need to have done amazing things in the year to stand apart from the rest. These marijuana companies did some awesome and exciting things in the year 2019 and deserve some recognition. Here are the Top 6 Cannabis Companies of 2019.


Cannabis Training University (CTU)

Cannabis Training University continues to stay on top of the competitive space of marijuana education. CTU once again gained market share and has been dominating the cannabis education space now since 2009.

CTU has amazing cannabis courses at an affordable price. The cannabis training that CTU offers is all done conveniently online, even on cell phones! Cannabis Training University was busy in 2019 and added to their video courses a lot of new content in areas such as:

How to grow cannabis indoors 

-How to grow cannabis outdoors

-How to grow cannabis organically

-How to do cannabis extractions

-How to be a budtender and get a budtending job

-Medical marijuana

Cannabis laws and regulations in all US states, Canada, and around the world

-How to start a cannabis business

-How to find a marijuana job

-How to cook with cannabis and make tasty marijuana treats

-CBD Industry and Hemp

If you are looking for a marijuana job, want to be a Budtender, want to grow your own cannabis at home or for a career, or just want to greatly round out your marijuana industry knowledge we highly recommend going to the Cannabis Training University for their online marijuana school.

Magical Butter

The Magical Butter team had an amazing 2019! The MB squad has been killing it for years but really stepped it up this past year.

For one thing, Magical Butter landed a deal with Walmart to sell their now cannabis industry famous Magical Butter Botanical Extraction Machine.

Garyn Angel, Magical Butter's CEO and Founder was seen all over the place, winning numerous awards for his cannabis industry contributions and updates to his product lines.

The Magical Butter machine at Walmart has many configurations that can be chosen, some with add ons like gloves, recipe books, a decarb box, spatula, and other fun additions.

Be sure to get your Magical Butter machine if you are looking to make tasty cannabis treats at your home.

The world’s first countertop botanical extractor, used for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into cannabis butter, cannabis oil, cannabis lotions, and more!

Charlotte's Web Holdings

Charlotte's Web Holdings had a huge 2019. With revenues of $21.7 million from the last quarter of 2019, Charlotte’s Web Holdings is one of the top cannabis companies of 2019.

The hemp stock company got some big notoriety when CNN aired a documentary about how a child suffering from Dravet syndrome was relieved immensely by using their Charlotte's Web CBD products.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company from California focused on  medicine for American and Swiss patients.

Their main cannabis-based product is APD371, a painkiller for cannabis patients suffering from Chron’s disease.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. had an explosion of growth in 2019 and is now one of the hottest cannabis stocks to buy.

HEXO Corp.

Canadian marijuana companies continue dominate the market ever since the entire country passed federal legalization and has left the US in the dust.

HEXO has the year over year growth rate of almost 1000%!

HEXO Corp. creates and distributes marijuana products including cannabis peppermint oil, sub-lingual marijuana sprays, marijuana powder, dried cannabis flowers, and intimate cannabis oil.

Hexo Corp is another best marijuana stocks to buy if you are looking to make some money off the cannabis boom. The stock can be still purchased at a low price per share for now.

Pure Kana

Pure Kana had a great 2019 and earned its spot on the Cannabis Reports annual top cannabis companies list.

PureKana is a great source for affordable and quality-made wellness products such as CBD Gummies, CBD capsules, Vape devices, Edible cbd products, CBD beverages, and more.

Pure Kana also sells CBD for pets, CBD bath bombs, and CBD topicals.

Check out Pure Kana next time you are looking for American made Hemp and CBD products that have been tested for quality.

Those are the Cannabis Reports top 6 cannabis companies of 2019.

We congratulate them all for their amazing accomplishments and continued success in this ever-evolving and ultra-competitive space.

With a new year upon us, let's see how these companies can continue to grow and stay on top as one of the top 6 cannabis companies out there!

Stay tuned for the best cannabis companies of 2020 when the time comes. We will be investigating and keeping abreast with all the new advancements as they happen.

For more awesome cannabis companies be sure to check back at Cannabis Reports!


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