Top 4/20 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns
Top Cannabis Inspiring Marketing Campaigns. 420 drawing.

Top 4/20 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns

Would you like to know what the top 4/20 marketing campaigns are, which are used by marijuana dispensary owners and others in the cannabis industry? Below, we discuss a few of the most favorite marketing campaigns that have taken off and proven to be successful. Marijuana products can benefit from many of these. In addition, those doing business in the marijuana industry can take advantage of what others are successfully doing.


Totinos is an advertising company that specializes in marketing campaigns of all kinds. However, they have made their mark in the cannabis industry by creating campaigns to celebrate 4/20. They have incorporated a unique hashtag to grab the attention of a targeted audience. The hashtag is #BetterWhenBaked. It describes how the right audience should view cannabis edibles. This 4/20 marketing campaign using this hashtag does not only reach the canna-friendly audience that it set out to target, but it is also a fun way to advertise. Totinos also put up a billboard inspired by their 4/20 marketing campaigns. They collaborated with a company in Denver known as Pedicab Outdoor in order to spread their message and cannabis products to the public. If you love pizza, you will appreciate their hilarious and bizarre video linking cannabis and pizza and using it in their marketing campaigns.

Ben & Jerry’s

If you love ice cream, you will know about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The company is not a stranger to depending on consumers to enhance their business. The same is true for cannabis consumers. They are now boasting flavors of ice cream that mimic and sound very much like cannabis products. The flavors are Phish Food, Magic Brownies and Half Naked. In fact, Ben & Jerry's is thinking of getting into the cannabis industry. They may need a company like Totinos to come up with some amazing 4/20 marketing campaigns that are less than covert.


Denny's is known for providing breakfast to the masses across the United States. So, why are they joining the weed parade or are they? Well, in the past several years, Denny's has paid tribute to the cannabis holiday, 4/20 on their Twitter account. They have done so using fun words such as pot pun-tastic. This is a good way to get involved  in the discussion without having their own marketing campaigns. The company needed a good facelift anyway!


The Chipotle company is not a stranger to taking advantage of the appeal that marijuana enthusiast stereotype offer. However, with a few tweets from their Twitter account recently, it is obvious that the numerical symbols used in the tweet produced more than just a few raised eyebrows from followers. The tweet produced on April 20, 2016 was inspired by 4/20 marketing campaigns and this was a bigger hit, which social media followers appreciated more than the previous tweet. Why? Well, the tagline was very creative. It read, “Sometimes, you need a huge bowl to get you through the day..” It certainly got attention.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is into hemp-made products and encourages customers to take advantage of the lighter side of this type of product. They created 4/20 marketing campaigns to celebrate the cannabis holiday using the tagline “Hemp Soap on a Rope.” The Body Shop also has yearly sales on the 4/20 cannabis holiday. During this time, all of their hemp products are sold online at a discount – buy 4 for only $20.

Entirely Pets

Entirely Pets also made their voices heard on the 4/20 cannabis holiday by offering discounts to pet owners. They used cute dogs to get their social media followers laughing. This is a great way to use 4/20 inspired marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more about the 4/20 cannabis holiday, go to the Cannabis Training University.


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