Reasons Why Cannabis Testing Is Important
Reasons Why Cannabis Testing Is Important. A lab technician holding a vial of some green liquid.
Reasons Why Cannabis Testing Is Important

There are a handful of reasons why cannabis testing is important for the quality of the end product. These days, the cannabis products you purchase from licensed dispensaries are required to go through testing. Testing must be done in accredited facilities to make sure that the end product is safe and easy to dose. This testing helps maintain the quality of the strain and insures there are no unwanted contaminants, mildew, mold and pesticides are present. It also allows for the examination and measuring of the terpene profile.

The Process

In most cases, this cannabis testing is usually done by licensed and trained technicians because the steps have to be carefully executed and special equipment has to be used in the process. One thing to note is that marijuana plants are like a sponge during the growth process.

In conducting a test, the lab technicians will discover the terpene profile and cannabinoid components of the product that you will be consuming. This provides the necessary information for product labeling.

In addition, there are special compounds that have limits and standards as well as regulations that the manufacture has to consider while making the products. In no way should a cannabis product compromise someone’s immune system. 

Safe for Consumption

There are two main reasons for cannabis testing in the lab. The first is to verify the safety of the product for human consumption. The second is to provide the consumer with level of potency. Materials in the product undergo testing to make sure that they meet regulatory standards. They also have to make sure that there are no residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins or microbes. Some cannabis farmers use pesticides while cultivating the plant that leave behind residual chemicals. Testing screens for these chemicals. Other contaminants that can affect the plant include mold and fungi. It can harm people who suffer from allergies and asthma. 

Compliance Data

Regulatory bodies in each state manage cannabis testing for compliance data. Before a business can sell or distribute, it goes through testing for approval by a regulatory body and testing specialist (other requirements and essentials for starting a business to sell or distribute can be found here). If the compliance regulations are met, then the products can be distributed and sold and only then can it be. Accredited labs have to be used to do cannabis testing for compliance data. 


Marijuana products have to go through a whole lot of hands during the growth process prior to reaching the retail stage. A lot of contamination is possible during that phase. And that is why during the growth process, the marijuana plant is going to be exposed to a number of things including chemicals, pesticides, artificial growth hormones and other things. Cannabis testing therefore will help to limit the dangers and produce safer products that are not contaminated. 

Cannabis Potency

Lab testing is essential to determine the level of potency and type of strain. If you are a grower, it is important that know this is mandatory and there is no way around it. The consumer must feel confident in purchasing a product that is of the highest quality and safe to consumer.


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