Most Popular Cannabis Industry Advancement for 2017

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Cannabis industry dispensary entrance with man standing at it

The most popular cannabis industry advancements for 2017 are quite impressive. As marijuana is legalized in many more states, it is making waves in the cannabis industry and many of the big players are creating cannabis products that are becoming quite popular. These new innovations are storming the cannabis industry, making excellent progress and advancement. If you were to attend one of the cannabis trade shows, you would get to experience the phenomenon of the latest marijuana products that is taking the cannabis market by storm.

Massive Growth

Now that 2017 has come around, it is obvious that the cannabis industry is seeing massive growth and a sudden increase in technological advancement is the main reason, even while marijuana legalization is forcing more states to come onboard. Some of the cannabis products that are being touted innovatively in the cannabis industry are:

  • Grow room computerization
  • LED lighting technology
  • Soil modifications
  • Extraction tools
  • Cannabis seed software

Now, let us look at some of these interesting technological product developments.

LED Lighting System

LED lighting systems are important to marijuana grow rooms. For this reason, this cannabis product continues to see sales increase on the cannabis market. There is a lot of research done to make LED lighting systems more innovative to serve marijuana grow operators. One of the goals is to create LED lighting systems that have fixtures incorporating diodes that last longer and produces additional lighting with more energy savings. One other feature that is being considered is customizing light spectrums so it is better able to be controlled by the marijuana cultivator. With these innovative advancements, cannabis growers can enjoy more efficiency in their grow rooms. You can expect to pay more for these LED lighting products, but you will certainly get more bang for your bucks.

Terpenes Isolation

Another effective technological innovation is the isolation of Terpenes. This technology is fast becoming popular in the cannabis industry. This is more than just a niche product because it is now expanding and crossing over into making more than just cannabis products, but also essential oils and fragrances. With this terpenes isolation technology, a steam distillation method is used to infuse different products, blending the terpenes to produce products with high level of cannabinoids (CBD) as well as THC. Companies are combining terpenes profiles that look similar to cannabis strains specific to other fragrances. You can expect that products made using isolated terpenes methods such as the creation of combined terpenes profiles will get on the cannabis product market and create more excitement in the cannabis industry.

Extraction Technology

It may be that the cannabis industry has seen lots of explosive innovation in the extraction technology. Solvent extraction methods have become very popular as product developers make their products known at cannabis trade shows and expos. There is a lot of excitement around this cannabis concentrate technology and innovation. The rosin and extraction technology is gracing the shelves of many marijuana dispensaries. This will likely include:

  • Commercial presses used to make large quantities of hash oil
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Pneumatic presses allowing for high pressure extraction
  • Flower Pre-presses
  • Pollen collectors
  • Processing bags to use with cold water to make hash
  • Nylon pouches
  • Titanium tools for collecting hash oil

Overall, 2017 appears to be the year that innovation of cannabis products is going to be outside of the norm. The cannabis industry is set to explode with new marijuana products that are being innovatively manufactured.

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