Best Tourist Events in Humboldt County
Tourist Events in Humboldt County. Sign of Klamath, California

Best Tourist Events in Humboldt County

Humboldt County is known for its annual tourist events as it relates to marijuana. What does this mean? It means that anyone can visit California to buy, consume and possess weed legally. There are some of the best cannabis products that you would not find anywhere else. So, it is time to start planning to head over to the heart of weed country, if you want to go through the best marijuana experience.

The High Stakes

Each year, the revenue from tourist events in the state of California alone is $126 billion and growing. Many more states are following suit. There are many visiting tourist that will spend more money in obtaining a few grams of the real Kush marijuana strain and other cannabis products than they would on other products, especially since they are easily accessible and available in Humboldt County. In addition, you don't have to just visit to smoke weed. You can become deeply indulged in the cannabis scene here like you would in Napa Valley's wine country. Yes, Humboldt County has equal reputation as Napa Valley and Sonoma. In fact, it is the epicenter of marijuana culture and cultivation. So, it is full time that you pack those bags and head over. The stakes are high and you can experience it too.

The Recreational Market Explosion

Due to the opening of the recreational marijuana market in 2018, you have more to expect from Humboldt County and tourists are making plans to enjoy the new culture. You can too. So, let's look closely at the tourist events that you can start planning for this year. But, before we do that, it is recommended that you first stop at the Emerald Pharms located in Hopland. This is a two hour drive to the north of the Highway 101, if you are coming from San Francisco end. This cannabis farm is a 12 acre oasis powered by solar energy. The staff is knowledgeable and so you will learn a lot.

The Best Months

May to November is the best months to visit this area. You will have many cultural events to visit during this period. Some of the tourist events for 2018 have not yet announced their exact dates. So be sure to stay tuned, checking back a few months prior to the date these were held in 2017. When you have decided which one of the tourist events to attend, make sure you leave room for other similar activities such as a cannabis farm tour.

Kinetic Grand Championship

You can expect to attend the Kinetic Grand Championship in the month of May. This is one of the tourist events that have been going on since 1969 and was founded by two artists in the local area. It is a three day event so come prepared. If you love to compete, you will have fun in the 42 mile challenged race over both land and water. You will not have to pay to attend.

Arcata Main Street Oyster Fest

In the month of June, Arcata Main Street Oyster Fest offers a food festival that goes on for two days in the central plaza. You can expect to enjoy the local beer wine, live music, cider and just about anything that equates to fun and all this takes place in the center of the town of Arcata.

Northern Nights Music Festival

In the month of July, one of the tourist events in Humboldt County that gets a lot of support is the Northern Nights Music Festival. Visitors and locals have access to swimming in the Eel River. This is an electronic music festival with a lot of DJs attending to showcase their craft all weekend. This celebration is non-stop. In 2016, tourists and locals were able to consume weed on-site in a designated area.

Reggae on the River

Reggae on the River takes place in the month of August. It has been going on now for 34 years and counting. If you love reggae music and ganja, this is a good place to hold a good vibe. This is one of the most popular tourist events each year.

Humboldt Pride Parade

September and Humboldt Pride Parade are one and the same. This is a LGBTQ celebration that happens all week, involving a parade through the streets of Humboldt County. You can expect live music, vendors and lots of food.

Savage Henry Comedy Festival

In the month of October, you should plan to attend the Savage Henry Comedy Festival. If you love laugh, then you will, much so after you have infused your brain with high levels of THC from marijuana strains that are easily and legally available to you.

Humboldt County Cup

The star of the show is the Humboldt County Cup in the month of November each year. This is one of the most well known competitive tourist events that many look forward to. You will see people competing for first place to see which one wins the best cannabis products. Enjoy the live music and learn a lot from the knowledgeable speakers who are featured.

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