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Kurt Cobain was one of the people who hosted a hemp festival in Seattle, Washington, which was thought to be the largest in the entire world. Seattle was chosen as the venue because of its thriving marijuana culture since the 502 legislation was passed in 2012.

In six years, a lot has changed. Today, the state of Washington has become a heavy competition to the state of Colorado as it relates to weed sales. However, as with per capita consumer consumption, the state of Washington is still in distant second place, but maybe not for very long. Seattle is home to some of the best pot shops that carry large inventories of edibles, cannabis concentrates, flowers and more. Let us look at some of the best pot shops in Seattle.

Diego Pellicer Sodo

One of the best pot shops in Seattle is the Diego Pellicer Sodo, which has been placed in the luxury retailer group, if you were to ask residents and visitors who shop there. The establishment is classy with a Greek ambience, presenting its cannabis products as you would if you were in a museum. The menu carries premium product options, offering very potent marijuana strains such as Narnia and Columbian Gold. You can expect to see pre-rolled marijuana joints for sale.

Uncle Ike's Capitol Hill

One of the top pot shops is the Uncle Ike's Capitol Hill, which is at a flagship site located at 23rd Street and Union Street. They are licensed to sell recreational cannabis to consumers. This location hosts one of the larges 4/20 celebrations in Seattle each year. This is an excellent pot shop to discover and learn about a wide variety of cannabis products. They have a rotating menu, which means you will have many choices.

Have a Heart

Have a Heart is one of the ideal pot shops you will find in the city of Seattle. The company has about six locations and currently, they are considering other locations in Portland, Oakland, Salem and Hawaii. The main location is in Belltown. The staff is knowledgeable and well informed. This pot shop is highly rated among consumers and other retailers.

Dockside Cannabis

The menu found at Dockside Cannabis is like a walking encyclopedia, providing lots of information about the cannabis industry and the marijuana plant. The budtenders are also knowledgeable and informed.

Lux Pot Shop

The Lux Pot Shop was formerly known as the “Stash Pot Shop.” The name was changed in 2017 after the company received legal pressure from a company that sold cannabis tea. The main location for this particular pot shop is Ballard. Another location is in Lake City. Both places are welcoming. Expect to see a television playing once you walk in. This is one of the pot shops that has a strong sense of community that you will love.

Green Fire Cannabis Sodo

The Green Fire Cannabis Sodo is opened every night until a little before 12AM.  The Green Fire Cannabis Sodo does business out of an industrial loft. It represents the color of weed; meaning that it has green sofas, green counters, green ceiling and green walls in the lounge area. The shop sells concentrates, strains, pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products.

Vela Cannabis

When you step inside the Vela Cannabis, you can tell right away that you are in a weed shop. It has marijuana grow lab that you will find interesting. The Vela Cannabis offers a wide range of tinctures for insomnia and a lot of vape cartridges. Sometimes, the company allows a group of people to come in and be educated by the in-house lab scientists and local marijuana growers.

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