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With so many cannabis strains out there, it is near impossible to break it down and choose only the best cannabis strains.

Today most marijuana strains are hybrids, meaning they are a combination of both indica and sativa strains, as well as often ruderalis strains as well.

We have combed the planet in search of the finest cannabis strains and gotten multiple opinions from our visitors over the years on which kinds of marijuana strains are the best.

The top rated cannabis strains are broken down into best sativa strains, best indica strains, best hybrid strains, and best high cbd strains.

Let's take a look at the results.

Best Sativa Strains

Durban Poison strain

Jack Herer strain

Sour Diesel strain

-Super Silver Haze strain

-Green Crack strain

-Lemon Haze strain

-Strawberry Cough strain

-Maui Wowie strain

Best Indica Strains

-Purple Kush strain

-Granddaddy Purple strain

-Northern Lights strain

-Aurora Indica

-Blue Mystic strain

-Sensi Star strain

-Pineapple Kush strain

-Blueberry strai

Best Hybrid Strains

-Bruce Banner #3

-Strawberry Banana

-Girl Scout Cookies strain

-Agent Orange strain

-Headband strain

-Grape Skunk strain

-Skunk #1 strain

AK 47 strain

Best High CBD Strains

-Harlequin strain

-Sweet & Sour Widow strain

-Cannatonic strain

-ACDC strain

-Pennywise strain

-Sour Tsunami strain

-CBD Critical Cure strain

-Harle-Tsu strain

These are the best cannabis strains as voted by our web visitors and staff.

There are many marijuana strains as you can see. Cannabis strains have all different effects on the user. It is ideal to try different ones to achieve your liking. Dispensaries have many types of strains to experiment with.

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