Top Cannabis Strains You Can Consume Now

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Legal marijuana has been shaking up the globe every year. There are so many people who are making attempts to get into the cannabis industry and believe it or not, anyone can do so.

However, the marijuana market does have competition that you might have to deal with. For that reason, most cannabis consumers are unable to wade through the competition to find the top cannabis strains and products. This is where we come in to make it easier for the consumer.

Keeping Track

Even if you are a loyal stoner, it can get quite overwhelming for you to keep track of the top cannabis strains available today. Yes, you might know about the popular OG Kush, Blueberry and Sour Diesel, but what about the new cannabis strains that have made their way on the market and have not been discovered by new stoners and experienced weed smokers?

Newcomers are going to see this as a challenge as they try to learn the marijuana terms such as THC, CBD, cannabinoids, THCA and more. It will take time to become familiar with the various cannabis strains and all you need to know about the industry at large.

Below is an overview of the top cannabis strains that you can consume right now and get the high you are going for. Check them out.

Top Cannabis Strains You Can Consume Now

1. Banana Kush

Banana Kush is one of those cannabis strains that pack a lot of heat. In fact, it can go up to 20% in THC content. This is the kind of cannabis strain that gives a soothing and calming effect and it is loved by many PTDS military veterans and patients. It carries a delicious and sweet taste and aroma.

2. Durban Poison

If you are looking for one of the most special cannabis strains that have become quite popular among many stones, then Durban Poison would be highly recommended. This is a sativa strain and one of the purest on the cannabis market.

It has ore THC content and a little CBD content, which does not change its potency. This is one of the cannabis strains that has its roots from South Africa.

3. Golden Goat

If you use a glass pipe to smoke your weed, you would do well with Golden Goat, which is one of the cannabis strains that fit well in a pipe. It hits hard and is intoxicating. If you are a new marijuana smoker, make sure that you go easy on this one or you will have mild paranoia for doing too much. Your heart will also race if you overdo it.

4. Alaskan Thunderfuck

When you are shopping for cannabis strains, you should consider the Alaskan Thunderfuck. Once you hear the name, you know that it has some essential traits to get you stoned. Yes, it has a provocative high with a hint of lemon and pine. Some people call it “Matanuska Thunderfuck.”

5. Bruce Banner #3

This is one of the cannabis strains that's an alter ego to the Hulk strain. It has a powerful effect and is a hybrid strain that people might use at parties. The Bruce Banner #3 is partly spice and partly fruity. It has a tasty flavor and tends to get you in a mellow and tranquil mood.

6. Granddaddy Purple

Ken Estes and the Granddaddy Purple strain are always talked about in the same conversation. In fact, Ken Estes, an activist created this strain. It is an indica strain that patients use to reduce pain. It is also good for insomnia. Be sure you are near to your bed when you smoke this strain.

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the cannabis strains that you can consume now and it has gotten popular because of its sweet taste. You can do no wrong if you choose this strain.

It should be chosen by stoners who smoke on a daily basis. It is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is calming and is an ideal match for anyone; whether a novice or veteran.

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