Top Cannabis Strains To Fight Fatigue
Top Marijuana Strains To Fight Fatigue. Man sleeping in bed,

Top Cannabis Strains To Fight Fatigue

There are specific cannabis strains that provide the user with a lot more energy while there are others that make you sleep. That is the difference between indica strains and sativa strains.

Most sativa strains give you high energy while indica strains provide the well-needed sleep you need to combat insomnia. So, if you are always feeling fatigued and unusually tired, why not try the cannabis strains that will provide the solution you need to function.

Getting High Energy

There are so many people that lack sleep and if they could just find that one thing to give way to higher energy, then this could be a life changing event. Sometimes, lethargy may come from various issues such as insomnia, stress, genetic predisposition and depression. Sometimes, it is a chore for some people to get out of bed. In fact, this may be a monumental task for many people. With the right marijuana strain, your body could get the boost it needs to move your legs and get going.

The Morning Issues

If you have no issues with fatigue, but need just a little energizing in the mornings to replace a cup of coffee, you can still enjoy the cannabis strains used to fight fatigue. There are researchers that believe sativa has more of an uplifting effect since it has a higher CBD strain and more terpenes than the indica strain. To find the best marijuana strain that works for you may take experimenting. However, we can help you narrow the list down by giving you information about a few of them.

Durban Poison

There are many cannabis strains that can uplift, energize and encourage you to get up and go. Durban Poison is one of them. You can smoke this using a vaporizer. Just load it up and start inhaling. You will smell the sweet and spicy aroma in the air and feel the smoothness in your lungs. Before long, you will start feeling rejuvenated as if you want to conquer the world in one day. Durban Poison is a sativa strain that is known for being uplifting. It has high levels of cannabinoid THCV, which is quite energizing. Some people compare it to espresso coffee. It is stimulating and will leave you bright and clearheaded.


There are people that have a sensitivity to THC. It may cause anxiety, sleepiness, paranoia, dizziness, dry eyes and mouth. Fortunately for you, not all energizing marijuana strain has heightened levels of THC. Harlequin is one of those cannabis strains. This sativa strain has a weightless feeling with low psychoactive impact, making this a great choice if you are going to be involved in any activity that requires your cognitive skills. It will clear your head instantly. It is also excellent for treating any kind of pain.


If you want to remain active and fight fatigue, you should try Chocolope, which is a sativa strain that will keep you uplifted and motivated for a long time. It has an earthy flavor and by the way, when taken with coffee, it gives an extra punch. it is the ideal ‘wake up' strain that will leave you with an unencumbered feeling. It will make you want to hit the hike trail or gym.

Ghost Train Haze

This is one of the cannabis strains that acts speedily when ingested or smoked. It has enough THC to get you euphoric or give you a buzz, but not make you sleepy. In fact, when smoked, it makes you want to go tackle a huge task or embark on an adventure.


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