Top Cannabis Strains In The State Of Illinois

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What are the top cannabis strains in the state of Illinois you may ask? Many people in the state of Illinois can expect sales to kick off for recreational marijuana sales. This will definitely happen by next year. For this reason, many recreational users will have a more difficult time selecting cannabis strains from the shelves because they will find some unique names such as Trainwreck, Purple Urkle and Sour Diesel.

If you are a novice at this and don't know how you are going to pick out the best cannabis strains to smoke, read further. Let's, take a look at the Top Cannabis Strains in the state of Illinois.

Top Cannabis Strains In Illinois

It has been several years since the state of Illinois has legalized medical marijuana. Since then, many reviewers have tried a variety of cannabis strains that are good for medical patients. Every one of the strains up for sale in pot dispensaries have been reviewed, but not all of the newer ones. It can get quite expensive to buy the best buds in the state of Illinois. For example, you could pay as much as seventy dollars for an eighth of an ounce of the best quality herb.

It would do you well to research the price that best fits your pocket. Look at the reviews of different cannabis strains and see what others are saying. But, it depends on how you view quality and what you will settle for. But there are certain questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of effect am I looking for?
  • Do I want a special flavor?
  • Am I looking just something to enjoy?
  • Is price more important than quality to me?

We have researched and came up with some really good picks for the top cannabis strains in the state of Illinois that you might find useful in order to make the right choices.


The state of Illinois has been a little tardy in legalizing marijuana. And for that reason, many of the best buds are from different places; particularly in states like Colorado and California. The Gelato strain is from the city of San Francisco where it was first sold. It is a hybrid strain; coming from both the sativa and indica strain.

We all know that the indica strain will relax you and the sativa strain will energize you. The state of Illinois now grows its own version of this strain called “Ataraxia Gelato.” It has a unique flavor; kind of minty and fruity in the same way as gelatin. This is one of the cannabis strains that is highly rated by reviewers.

The G6 Strain

One of the cannabis strains that are highly recommended for its dominant effect is the G6 strain, which comes from the sativa strain. The buds are intact and dank; giving off a pungent, but sweet aroma like earth tones and citrus. When you smoke this strain, the buds are sweet tasting with a hint of berry.

The DJ Short Flo

The DJ Short Flo strain has been labeled a sativa strain and dominant hybrid. It has a taste of purple Gatorade and was initially cultivated by a breeder in the city of Springfield, IL. It is a reliable strain, if you are looking for good flavor and high quality.

The Lime Sorbet

One of the most recommended cannabis strains in the state of Illinois is the Lime Sorbet, which is from the indica family. It is one of those top shelf cannabis strains that you can depend on for euphoric feelings where you body melts in relaxation. If you are looking to chill, then this is the strain for you.

The Cherry Hash 

The Cherry Hash strain is revolutionary. Of course, it is one of those harsher cannabis strains for those users who don't mind the amazing effects it gives after smoking. The flavor is a combination of tropical fruit and moth balls.


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