Top Cannabis Strains For The Great Outdoors

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Top Marijuana Strains For The Great Outdoors. People roasting marshmellows.
Top Cannabis Strains For The Great Outdoors

There is absolutely no questions that there are top cannabis strains that you can use in the great outdoors. Having the best strains will enhance your cannabis experience. This is evident by how much nature lovers are buying some of the top cannabis strains to take with them to their outdoor expeditions. There are certain strains that are better for outdoor consumption than others.  Summer is already upon us so let these top cannabis strains as an inspiration to you on the hiking trail.

Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is a hybrid marijuana strain, which helps you to get out of a bad mood and prevent you from staying uptight all day long. You will feel stoned, but you will still have your mental faculties in order. This is one of the top cannabis strains that could be the lifesaver you need while on the hiking trail. It is also good for alleviating pain.

Willie Nelson

The Willie Nelson is from the sativa category. If you smoke this strain prior to going on your hiking trail, you will have a euphoric, joyful and relaxing feeling, ideal to make the hike unforgettable and enjoyable. This is one of the top cannabis strains that will help you understand and connect lingering thoughts in your mind.

Cheese Quake

A hybrid strain, the Cheese Quake is ideal for getting you to do anything physical that you wouldn't normally have done. This includes activities like hiking on a challenging trail. You will feel like you can conquer the world all by yourself.

The Cinderella 99

The Cinderella 99 strain is from the hybrid category. This is also one of the top cannabis strains that would be useful on the hiking trail or for mountain biking. It allows you to be very active and energetic as if you would hike all day long.

Redwood Kush

If you are looking for an indica strain that is comforting and warms you up inside, then check out the Redwood Kush. It originates from Northern California and perfect for smoking while in the woods sitting camping or hiking on a trail. It has the same feeling like when you smoke the  AK47 strain.

Blue Dream

A hybrid strain, Blue Dream makes you feel like you are in a candy store. Three puffs of Blue Dream makes you feel like you are walking in the park. Choose this top of the line marijuana strain, if you really want to relax.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is one of the top cannabis strains that is categorized as hybrid. It wakes you up once you consume it in the morning. It is excellent also to consume while hiking or doing any kind of afternoon outdoor activities.

Afghan Kush

If you don't know about Afghan Kush, you must not be living on this planet. It is one of the most popular indica cannabis strains in the world. Smoke it while you are camping with family or friends. It will help you tap into your creative side and give you that relaxing and mellow feeling.

Golden Goat

The Golden Goat is a hybrid strain that you certainly wouldn't smoke inside your house. This is one of the cannabis strains you would consider super strong as it relates to aroma. If you were to smoke it indoors, you would have to open up all the windows and doors to get the smell out. A hiking trail would be the perfect location to consume this strain.

Critical Mass

If you are looking for something really special, we would recommend the indica strain known as Critical Mass. It will make you feel good for a longer period of time than most other cannabis strains. You will definitely enjoy this one.



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