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Papaya Cake Strain

The Papaya Cake strain mimics the flavor of papaya in an incredible manner. The strain can be used recreationally and enjoyed or medically to provide relief. Dabbing this strain can help bring out its terpene profile but this should be reserved for veteran smokers.

Try to consume in moderation if you are unsure whether a strain is too potent for you. The strain can be a great introduction to papaya if you have never eaten it before. Below will outline information that you’ll need to know about the Papaya Cake strain.

Lineage Of The Papaya Cake Marijuana Strain

Papaya Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Wedding Cake and Papaya. Don’t consume this strain in the morning as you might simply go back to sleep if you don’t have pressing obligations. You will likely get pretty hungry and thirsty with this strain so keep this in mind.

Wedding Cake can be very potent and has been gaining popularity in recent years. You can expect 25 percent THC along with a flavor to match the name. The flavor will be that of cherries and vanilla. Medical patients can treat anxiety and stress with this strain.

Papaya only has 17 percent THC but it is very easy to grow. The strain is resistant to pests which can destroy an entire crop. The strain can drive your creative motivation through the roof.

Yield Of The Papaya Cake Weed Strain

The strain can be difficult to grow as it is a challenge to find seeds and when they are found they can be expensive. The strain can be grown easier indoors than outdoors using various methods.

Outdoors you can expect around 8 to 10 ounces. Indoors you can expect 15 to 20 ounces. The potency of the strain is so high that all of the time put in will be worth it.

The yields that you get from Papaya Cake can depend on numerous things. Take time to research the strain thoroughly before growing and take a look at a few online grow diaries.

Flowering Phase Length Of The Papaya Cake Pot Strain

The flowering phase lasts 50 to 60 days. The strain is better reserved for growers with quite a bit of experience. Experience using the Sea of Green method is a huge advantage when growing Papaya Cake.

The appearance of this strain is long slender buds with orange hairs. The trichome coating is not really a surprise due to this being one of the most potent strains in all of the cannabis industry.

THC Percentage Of Papaya Cake

Papaya Cake tops out at 30 percent THC which is incredible. Unfortunately for newer smokers, this strain could be a bit too potent even when smoking daily.

Taste And Smell Of The Papaya Cake Weed Strain

The smell of Papaya Cake is skunky with hints of wood and citrus. The flavor is fruity and has a flavor of cream on the exhale. The terpene profile is comprised of Myrcene, Phellandrene, Nerolidol, Linalool, and Limonene.

Myrcene helps induce relaxation which is why it helps those with insomnia. The flavor of this terpene is earthy.

Phellandrene has a sweet flavor of wood and citrus. You can expect inflammation to be reduced after consuming this terpene.

Nerolidol helps reduce inflammation as well as having a flavor of apples and citrus.

Linalool has an aroma of flowers and has been linked with pain reduction.

Limonene can give a person a sense of new energy when combined with high levels of CBD. The flavor and aroma are both that of lemon.

Effects Of The Papaya Cake Strain

Papaya Cake can allow a person to go through their daily agenda with a smile on their face. You will be able to focus with this strain but make sure you don’t overconsume. You will be relieved of stress and might even see your pain levels drop.

Medical Issues Papaya Cake Can Help

Papaya Cake can help provide relief for the following medical issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Stress

Papaya Cake has a CBD content of around 1 percent. The strain can be combined with other CBD products to provide relief for more conditions.

Price Of Papaya Cake Marijuana

1/8th of an ounce can cost up to $70 with Papaya Cake. The full oz. could cost $375 or more. The potency of this strain should not be lost on those buying it as one toke could keep you high for hours.

Final Verdict On Papaya Cake

Papaya Cake is a strain that truly showcases flavor and potency. First-time growers should avoid this strain as it could be too challenging especially with the seeds being so expensive. What cake strain is your favorite to smoke or one you want to try?

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