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The Jager strain is named after a liquor that has made great memories and even more crippling hangovers. The strain does not come with the hangover but does come with the aroma of black licorice. The strain is more prevalent in the Pacific Northwest so it is not widely available.

Below will outline why you should purchase this strain if you find it is available at your local dispensary.

Lineage Of The Jager Weed Strain

Jager strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes from LA Confidential and Blue Dream. The strain like the liquor is best consumed at night as it can help you fall asleep. Overconsumption can lead to sedation for even the most experienced of smokers.

LA Confidential can be a great beginner strain as the potency is not too high. Expect to be completely at peace after a few tokes of this strain.

Blue Dream is famous around the world for its ability to relax the body while stimulating the mind. The flavor of blueberries makes this potent strain quite popular. Blue Dream has won numerous awards over the years due to its effects and flavor.

Feminized seeds are available for Jager but remember that mailing cannabis seeds is illegal. You are better off going to a dispensary to inquire about seeds. Visiting a nursery can be a great way to get cuttings which make it far easier to grow.

Strain Yield Of The Jager Marijuana Strain

Jager grows in a short manner like other Indicas and can be grown outdoors or indoors. Trimming this plant will be required to make sure buds are getting enough light and air.

Expect around 2.5 ounces per square foot come harvest time if everything goes perfectly. Indoors grows will yield less but the environment can be easily manipulated.

Flowering Phase Length Of Jager Strain

The flowering phase is going to last anywhere from 56 to 70 days. The large range is due to a number of factors including seed genetics and growing environment. Look for frosty-looking buds during the beginning portion of the flowering phase. Amber trichomes will be far more prevalent later in the flowering phase.

The appearance of this strain will be deep green with added purple colors. Amber trichomes will also cover each bud of this potent strain in a way that looks like frost along with orange hairs.

THC Percentage Of Jager Strain

Jager has a THC percentage of 20 to 23 percent. You are going to be in a haze which can make it difficult to focus on complex tasks. You will feel great physically but won’t be overly sedated unless you decide to smoke too much.

Taste And Essence Of The Jager Strain

The flavor of Jager is of pine and lemons with the overarching flavor of licorice. The aroma is that of licorice which is not a surprise. The terpene profile is comprised of Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.

Pinene is present in a number of plants and has the fresh taste/aroma of pine. Consumers can look to reduce pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Limonene has a flavor and aroma that can be likened to lemon peels. The terpene is beneficial for people suffering from inflammation, pain, anxiety, and depression.

Caryophyllene is noticeable in strains that you smoke due to the spicy flavor of the terpene. The terpene interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system and helps reduce chronic pain/inflammation.

Medical Conditions Jager Can Help

Jager can help people find relief from the following medical issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Muscle Spasms

Take the time to research if any dispensaries in the area carry this strain. With all of the medical benefits and potency, the strain might not last on the shelves for very long.

Final Verdict On Jager Strain

Learning about strains before you invest in them can help you save money. Growing these strains will be far less difficult with growing tips that you find online. Budtending can be a lucrative career if you have the skills to thrive in a commercial growing environment. Try Jager to see if you have found a strain you want to smoke regularly.

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