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The Cherry OG strain is another with OG lineage which is one of the most popular families of strains that there is in all of marijuana. Most consumers have had OG Kush or a hybrid of the famous Ocean Grown Kush which originated in Southern California. The strains are known for their potency and flavor.

The strain might be a bit too strong for beginners but is perfect for regular smokers. Below will cover a strain that you might want to invest in very soon in the Cherry OG marijuana strain.

Cherry OG Marijuana Strain Genetics

Cherry OG strain is a balanced hybrid of Afghan and Cherry Thai then crossing this with Lost Coast OG. Use this strain after a stressful day filled with anxiety to relax. With your anxiety relieved and body relaxed you can truly enjoy your high.

Afghan holds the title of one of the staples of marijuana as it has been around for decades. The strain is Indica-dominant and its effects match. You can expect to be relaxed to the point of being sedated and falling asleep.

Cherry Thai can uplift your mood and leave you stimulated in a pleasant way. You might feel a rush of energy or creativity while your body relaxes. The strain sports 16 to 19 percent THC so it can be great for nearly all consumers.

Lost Coast OG is a very potent strain with up to 26 percent THC. The buds of this strain are frosty with trichomes which all marijuana enthusiasts will appreciate. The strain can be very sociable leading to interesting conversations or even might get your creative juices flowing.

Cherry OG Pot Strain Yield

Cherry OG can be grown indoors or outdoors but does require calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen supplementation. The strain can be pretty difficult to grow so have some experience before attempting to grow this strain.

Don’t expect a massive yield as you can only expect around 1 ounce per square foot regardless of the growing environment. With lower yields, it is important to grow a strain flawlessly to help ensure the yield stays healthy.

The yield that you get from a strain depends on genetics. The knowledge you have about growing can ensure a healthy yield although some strains yield far more than others. Amnesia Haze is an example of a strain with massive yields which is why it is so popular to grow.

Cherry OG Weed Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period of Cherry OG is 8 to 9 weeks. Expect small dark nugs with orange hairs. There is a frosting of trichomes that help brighten up the dark nugs.

Stocking a grow tent should always be done after a bit of research. Finding strains that thrive in similar environments and on identical watering schedules can make your grow quite convenient.

THC Percentage Of Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG has 18 to 22 percent THC so it can be quite potent. Share this strain in a social setting for some creative and frankly hilarious conversations. This is a nice sweet treat to allow you to enjoy your night after you’ve had a long day personally or professionally.

Flavor And Aroma Of The Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG has the flavor of berries and cherries. The aroma is pungent and of cherries. The terpenes in this strain include Camphene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.

Camphene has been used for decades as it is a versatile terpene. The terpene is known to decrease pain and inflammation. Strains that have this terp are Sunberry and Jack Frost.

Caryophyllene has been known to help reduce pain and inflammation. The terpene has a spicy taste like some other terpenes. Strains that include this terpene at high levels include Alien Rock Candy and Lemon Diesel.

Myrcene will have an earthy flavor and is very common in marijuana. This terpene is known to help people relax to the point of falling asleep so it is a great remedy for insomnia. Strains that contain this terpene include White Runtz and Ice Cream Cake.

Cherry OG Weed Seeds

Emerald Triangle Seeds came out with this beautiful strain and have made feminized seeds available to the public. Finding these seeds online is easy but it is not legal to receive marijuana seeds in the mail. The last thing anyone wants is legal issues for something that could be acquired legally.

Head to a dispensary or nursery for seeds or clippings. You should be able to find something and if you have something to trade with another grower this can be important.

Price Of The Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG is very affordable at about $30 per 1/8th of an oz. A full ounce will cost around $180 which is budget-friendly considering the strain’s potential potency. Shop around at different dispensaries and on different weed delivery apps. You want to make sure you are getting quality products at prices that are not breaking the bank for you personally.

Medical Conditions Cherry OG Can Help

Cannabis has a number of compounds that can help an individual medically. Cannabinoids have been known to do everything from reducing inflammation to stimulating the appetite. Cherry OG can help with the following medical conditions.

  • ADD
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stress

Cherry OG has a rich cannabinoid content due to its incredible lineage. CBD and THC can change your life if you are suffering from various conditions. Cannabinoids could be the natural answer rather than resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Final Thoughts On The Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG is a strain to try due to the high and flavor it delivers. Growing the strain can be difficult so take this challenge on at your own peril. Trying any strain that you will spend time and money growing is always recommended.

The OG family of strain has produced so many juggernauts in the cannabis industry. What is your favorite OG hybrid or are you a fan of the strain that started it all in OG Kush.

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