The Top Cannabis Strains For The Late Grower

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If you are a late cannabis grower, you might want to get a hold of information that would make it better for you to produce a better harvest. And not only that, but you might want to still harvest some of the top cannabis strains as well. If you are someone who is always late getting things done including giving yourself a short time to bring your outdoor cannabis crop to harvest and still reap high-grade cannabis strains, we have good news. You can still get it done if you follow our instructions below.

The Past

In the past, if you were to find your cannabis stash dwindling during the autumn season and you had no cannabis seeds in the earth, you would be going crazy. During those times, it would mean that you had better begin saving up and having a reliable source to stock up so you could have a harvest. With the advent of autoflowering and feminized seeds, the game has definitely changed for many growers.

The contemporary autoflower is much better than the origins of the cannabis ruderalis. This is a result of generations of creating hybrids where autoflowering seeds are not only dependable, but they are the authentic rivals to the traditional cannabis strains that existed before now.

The Definitive Factor

For cannabis growers who are located in the Northern Hemisphere, planting outdoor crops, the definitive factor between the idea of succeeding and failing is the right timing. There are more threats to your cannabis grow operation than having to contend with winter and the freezing temperatures. More often than not, the early varieties of flowering photoperiod might yield to fungi and mold, especially during the dampness of the month of September. During that time, the cannabis grower is going to lose all the larger buds to the recurring problem of plant disease caused by the mold and fungi.

From Seed to Harvest

For the cannabis grower in the Northern regions of Europe, outdoor growing that begins from seed to harvest will take up to sixteen weeks and more. That is not quick enough for a grower that wants to make money or add to the already depleted stash. During the months of March, April, September and October, too many things can go wrong when planting cannabis outdoors.

For that reason, the grower needs to maintain vigorous cannabis plants that are expected to make the transition from the blooming stage depending on the plant's age instead of receiving hours of light. It is important then to have the right cannabis strains starting from the right seeds. Let us look at some of the next generation feminized auto flower hybrids that will do the trick.

Top Strains for the Late Grower

Sweet Skunk

The Sweet Skunk is one of the fastest flowering cannabis strains that growers can depend on and plus, it will have a high level of potency after harvesting. This is from the third generation hybrid with a blend of earlier skunk genetics and Critical Mass autoflower. The cannabis buds produced at harvest are large. The crop is usually read in seven and a half weeks after germination.

Blueberry Automatic

The Blueberry Automatic uses cooler temperatures at night to the grower's advantage. This hybrid is able to positively respond to cooler temperatures, displaying amazingly beautiful purple and blue colors even in the colder climate. If you combine the hardy ruderalis with the potent Blueberry strain, you will have some of the best late blooming cannabis strains in your hands. It takes up to nine weeks to enjoy a good harvest after the germination cycle.

Quick One

Quick One is also one of the top cannabis strains that do well for late cannabis growers. There is a reason why it is called Quick One because it has the reputation for being a high performing hybrid for growers located in the Northern Hemisphere. The lineage of this top cannabis strain dates back to Canada and comes from the Lowryder, an original autoflower from that region.

Lemon Auto

The Lemon Auto is one of the best cannabis strains for later growers. It takes sixty days from the time the seed is planted to get to harvest. In fact, it is called “60 Day Lemon Auto” for a reason. Lemon Auto is a combination of Lemon Skunk and resilient ruderalis strains. It has a mouthwatering flavor and is worth the wait.

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