Best Cannabis Strains For Fall 2019

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Some of the best cannabis strains for fall 2019 are coming out of the state of California. California is growing to be known as one of the largest in the cannabis market since it became legal to buy, sell and use in the area. Farmers who are licensed in the state of California to grow, harvest and sell weed are reporting bountiful harvest for 2019, which means there may be some amazing cannabis strains gleaned from this; many of which are said to have some strong flavors and amazing effects.

The legalization of marijuana in the state of California is permitting so many company brands to maintain compliance in order to produce weed on a large scale. We have come up with some of the best cannabis strains that will be available to the public in fall of 2019 and they all come from the state of California, which is now rich with legal marijuana strains. 

Miracle Alien Cookies

The first of our strains for the fall is Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC), a new harvested strain for 2019. Many experts think MAC will take a piece of the market because of the high quality it will provide consumers. So many consumers want to enjoy cannabis strains that are sedative with a high level of THC potency, which is what MAC is. For this reason, so many farms in California are jumping onboard to plant and harvest MAC cultivation to meet the fall season. The breeder of MAC is “Capulator” and the company combined Alien Cookies with Star Fighter and a landrace strain from Columbia. The company did this to add additional fuel, flavor and aroma that consumers were asking for. You find this particular strain at cannabis dispensaries such as “Saucey” and “Lit House.”

OZ Kush

Most marijuana users know the effect of OG Kush, which is one of our ‘best for stress' strains. But in fall of 2019, they should expect to get a taste of OZ Kush. The OG Kush is a strain that has won many awards and a first choice made by some knowledgeable judges. It has been a top seller in many marijuana dispensaries for over 20 years. Zkittlez is another one of those cannabis strains that has been on the go and so putting OG Kush and Zkittlez together, breeders came up with OZ Kush. On its own Zkittlez is not easy to grow and doesn’t yield the highest level of THC content. But when you combine it with OG Kush, you get a good outcome. 

Durban Poison

The marijuana plants that flower the fastest are the ones that grow indoors. The marijuana plants that grow on the outside will take a little longer. For that reason, sativa strains that take long to flower can shine when harvested in the fall. The sativa strains that are cut early because they grow fast include Durban Poison, one of our . It has a high level of THC and low level of CBD. Fog City Farms and Aster Farms are located in the state of California offer this strain in their inventory. Many dispensaries carry this same strain too. 

Banana OG

One of the top cannabis strains in the state of California is Banana OG. This is a variation that stands out this year. Banana OG is grown outdoors and is a softer bite than OG Kush as it relates to the THC level. It is tropical and smells like banana, of course. You cannot store it too long or it will deplete the strength, aroma and flavor. 

Final Summary

Other cannabis strains in the state of California for fall 2019 are Banjo and Blueberry Muffin. Visit the various marijuana dispensaries in the area and see which one of these cannabis strains are already on shelves.



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