A Look At The Oldest Cannabis Strains

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There are new cannabis strains on the market and then there are older ones. The landrace strain is where everything began and where all new cannabis strains came from.

Below, we will explore where the oldest ones started from and their most unique features. What is a landrace strain? It could be explained as a wild growing variety of cannabis evolving in areas of isolation.

Over the years, the landrace strain evolved considerably, taking on their own unique traits so that they could survive in these isolated regions. Usually, they are named after the particular region. Many cannabis enthusiasts traveled around the world in the 1970s and 1980s collecting and cultivating landrace strains in their cannabis gardens.

These heirlooms were cultivated and crossbred and made their way around the world in regions like Europe and California.

Let us look at some of the top oldest cannabis strains that originated from the landrace.

Afghani Cannabis

You should not be surprised that the Afghani cannabis strain came from Afghanistan. This strain is quite recognizable as one that falls in the landrace category. It is from the indica strain with a skunky smell and beautiful buds.

The buds are heavy and dense.The user of the Afghani strain will feel an enjoyable and long effect; pretty much a high that makes the user want to chill. If you are into indica, then it is worth getting the Afghani feminized seeds.

This is one of those strains that grow to a manageable height and it produces a large yield, even though, it has a compact structure.

Thai Cannabis

Contrary to the Afghani strain, the Thai strain is strictly sativa. This is one of the top oldest cannabis strains to date. If you smoke it, you will definitely feel high and energetic.

In addition, it will have a creative, productive and uplifting effect on the user. For example, if you are a writer or an artist and experiencing a block of some sort, then you can consume the Thai cannabis strain and your struggle will be over in no time.

Overall, Thai strain is the ideal one for the productive recreational user. It is best not to consume at night or you will find yourself staying up all night.

Nepalese Cannabis

The Nepalese Cannabis strain is essentially the same as the Afghani in that it is grown in the region of which it is name, Nepal and areas in close proximity.

The genetics of this strain comes with a earthy aroma and a berry flavor.

This is one of the cannabis strains that allows you to relax and can also be uplifting when consumed. It comes from the indica strain, but has a growth profile similar to the sativa. The Nepal Jam strain is fully sativa that has some beautiful cannabis buds.

If you want something more potent, then Vision Cookies, a Nepalese strain would be the ideal option because it has a higher level of THC.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is also a landrace strain, one that is derived from the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It thrives in harsh climates and that may be the reason for its robust genes. This is one of the top cannabis strains that growers use to create powerful hashish. It smells of spice blends and has a musky undertone.

Aceh Cannabis

The Aceh strain originated from the Indonesian province known as Aceh. Its genetic source is from landrace and pure sativa. It has a nice tropical smell and earthy flavor.

Many say it is great for fighting mood disorders due to its euphoric high. It has an average level of THC. It can grow in very hot climates and takes less than ten weeks to harvest.

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