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Kyle at desk writing cannabis blogs for Cannabis Reports
Kyle Blog Writer Cannabis Reports

When writing about Kyle it is impossible to not mention his passion for cannabis and thriving cannabis industry. Kyle can be seen at the forefront of cannabis industry legalization efforts and is passionate about ending the war on drugs.

Kyle first began his love for cannabis in his early years growing up in the Southern California area. Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and is one of the best cannabis cultivators in the Colorado area.

He prefers to grow his cannabis outdoors in nature and is regarded in the Denver area as one of the best cannabis growers in the region.

Kyle is a proud graduate of Cannabis Training University (CTU) and has his own cannabis edibles business that he and 4 other business partners operate.

Today Kyle and his dog “Kush”, reside in Littleton, Colorado and enjoy the cannabis scene in the Denver area.

Kyle also is an expert  at creating cannabis business directories and has his finger on the pulse of the marijuana industry.